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Guess Tayvin is never, ever getting back together ... like, ever.

On Wednesday (June 15), The Sun's photos of Taylor Swift kissing British actor Tom Hiddleston threw the internet for a loop, sparking dating rumors between the two celebs who hit it off at the Met Gala in May.

But one person in particular seemed rightfully affected: Calvin Harris, whom Swift split from just under three weeks ago. 

How is he dealing with the very public — and immediate — news that Swift has moved on? Judging by his erratic social media behavior, we're thinking he might be having a hard time.

On Wednesday afternoon, Calvin Harris fired out this tweet, then promptly deleted it.

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This was posted around the time the photos from The Sun leaked.

Fans also noticed that Harris unfollowed Tay, deleted his initial tweet referencing the break-up, and even BLOCKED HER FANS.

Remember this diplomatic tweet from June 2? Yeah ... it's gone.

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Popcrave even reports that Harris unfollowed Swift's brother, Austin:

Harris got the pettiness out of his system soon enough, and moved on from the drama to tweet about the video for his Rihanna collab "This is What You Came For:"

The video will drop Friday, June 17. It is unclear whether or not Harris himself will make an appearance.

As of this morning (June 16), Swift still follows Harris on Twitter — for now. #Tayvin fans are going to have to stop making GIFs like this, tbh, because it doesn't seem like this reunion is in the cards.