Camila Mendes
photo: Getty Images

If Camila Mendes is known for one thing, it's casually slaying the role of Veronica Lodge on Riverdale every week. After all, she has the signature Veronica look on lock, right down to her jet black tresses that the Archie Comics character is known for. 

But if Mendes' latest haircut and color are any indication, Veronica may be on her way to having somewhat of a major identity crisis. That's because in a recent post on Instagram, Mendes shared a peek at her new hairstyle, and it is very different from what we're used to seeing from the actress. 

Apparently the transition took a whopping seven hours to complete, which just goes to show how dedicated Mendes must have been to switching things up.

Curious about what Camila Mendes has been up to lately?

She can currently be seen starring in The Perfect Date on Netflix, alongside teen heartthrob Noah Centineo, aka everybody's boyfriend. 

In the movie, Mendes plays Shelby Pace, who also happens to be the dream girl of Centineo's character, Brooks Rattigan. Similar to her role as Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, Shelby is privileged, wealthy, and highly ambitious.

As for Riverdale, the show has officially wrapped production for season 3.

Last year, Mendes opened up about the impact the show has had on her life and career. 

"It’s crazy to me that people all over the world from all walks of life can find a reason to watch it," she told W magazine. "I relate to Veronica in that aspect of being the new girl because I felt like I was the new girl a lot."

Apparently Mendes is known for doing things out of the blue.

“I need a schedule because I can be quite impulsive and spontaneous,” she told W. “It’s crazy to think that your life, even though it’s not always documented in a very public way, everything you do, everything you post is a moment that people in the media will capture and it’s solidified there. Every person you date, it’s going to be there on the internet." 

Speaking of dating, Mendes and boyfriend Charles Melton are still going strong.

But don't expect her to talk much about their relationship.

"In my day-to-day life, I am an open book," she recently told LA Confidential. "But I've also developed this sixth sense. I understand how my spoken words can translate into written words and how things can appear out of context. It's like, yeah, even though I feel comfortable talking about some things, do I really want to see it written over and over again? Sometimes, it's not really worth it."

And obviously, Mendes is totally free to discuss or not discuss her private life.

In January, the twosome traveled to South Korea together to ring in the New Year and to celebrate his birthday. Melton wrote on his Instagram: "I taught her how to say 'shut up idiot' in Korean & now I really regret it. Happy almost new year." Do these two deserve the award for cutest couple in existence or what?

But back to Mendes' "impulsive and spontaneous" nature.

With Riverdale on a shooting hiatus for the next few months, it makes sense that now would be the perfect time for the show's stars to try on new looks that are noticeably different from what their alter egos are typically known for. You can imagine our collective surprise when Mendes recently debuted an updated hairdo. 

Can we get a drumroll, please?

Merely hours ago, the Riverdale star shared this behind-the-scenes snapshot of her new haircut on her Insta stories. According to the captions, the whole process of going lighter and trimming a couple inches took a total of seven hours to complete. In the photo, she's seen with colorist Matt Rez and hairstylist Buddy Porter. 

“Back to brown à la @ColorByMattRez,” says one caption. The other reads: “with a fresh cut à la @BuddyWPorter.”

Over on his Insta, Porter posted the image as well.

He wrote: "If I’m in a salon until midnight I’m glad it’s with these two @camimendes @colorbymattrez Haircut//Style @buddywporter Color @colorbymattrez." 

The fact that Mendes had these two expert hair professionals working until midnight is a testament to her sheer star power. An icon, indeed.

So, does this mean that Veronica will have some type of identity crisis next season?

After all, jet black is definitely not the same thing as the soft brown hue that Mendes is currently rocking. Maybe all of the drama and craziness in Riverdale finally takes its toll on the gang, and everybody ends up switching their looks for something radically different? Unfortunately, it looks like only time will tell whether that will be the case.

Or maybe, just maybe, Mendes will have to dye it all back in a few months.

In the past, going back to black has been the go-to solution for getting Mendes' hair to match up with Veronica's. But hey, this is the Riverdale world we're talking about, where literally anything is possible. We'll be keeping an eye out for brown-haired Veronica to make her onscreen debut next season. What's next, a brunette Betty??