There are a lot of factors to consider when dreaming up the perfect Halloween costume, but one of the most important things is that your costume is recognizable. No one wants to spend the party explaining over and over again that they are Yoshi, not a frog.

Unfortunately for Camila Mendes, her Halloween costume had some people scratching their heads — including her co-star KJ Apa.

Camila Mendes posted a photo of her costume this weekend, which included a pair of giant wings.

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My first thought was, "Oh, she's an angel." That's a pretty popular costume choice (even Bella Thorne did it this year).

However, KJ Apa had another guess. He (jokingly?) commented, "Are you a moth?"

camila mendes halloween costume moth
photo: Instagram/ @Camimendes

Wow, now that he mentions it, those do kind of look like moth wings. Judging by how, uh, unpopular moths are, I'm prettttty sure that wasn't her intent.

Even if he was just kidding, we can't un-see it now!

Fans had plenty of other theories about what the wings were for.

Users speculated that she was a fairy, a butterfly, or, like I originally guessed, an angel.

Even Mendes was a little confused about what exactly her Halloween costume is.

camila mendes im a bird
photo: Instagram

"@kjapa im a bird I think?" she responded. That doesn't sound too confident.

Either way, we're sure Mendes thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Regardless of whether she was actually a bird, or a moth, or something else entirely, she looked amazing.

Just take this as a warning that Halloween costumes may need at least a FEW accessories to be obvious to everyone.