Not only is Cardi B an explosive chart-topper and the "artist of the moment," she's also the body-positive champion we never knew we needed.

Cardi B
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From shattering plastic surgery stigmas to clapping back at her fat shamers, Cardi B refuses to apologize for her body.

She isn't afraid to post "unflattering" photos of herself.

Cardi B's cellulite
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Cellulite, pimples, undereye circles — Cardi B doesn't care.

If she likes a photo, she'll post it. No editing necessary.

She's unapologetic about her plastic surgery.

There's a misconception that people who undergo plastic surgery aren't "body positive."

But body positivity centers on the idea that your body is yours, and you can change it if you want to (not because society tells you "have to"). 

Cardi B recognized from an early age that she wasn't happy with certain parts of her body, so she changed them. (“I was never comfortable with my boobs," she confessed to VladTV last year.)

From her breasts to her teeth, Cardi B doesn't deny her procedures, and she has zero regrets about taking ownership of her own body. 

She refuses to be slut shamed for showing her body.

Haters love to throw the fact that Cardi B used to be a stripper in her face.

But she doesn't tolerate the slut shaming. Cardi B is proud of her past, and she doesn't let the criticism influence the way she dresses. 

"Growing up in the Bronx I used to wear heels and my stomach out and people would make fun of me," Cardi B told Page Six in February 2017. "Now they say, ‘Oh, that is just Cardi.’" 

She doesn't allow body shamers to get under her skin.

@star_brim5 you can’t handle all this juicy weight ????????....

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In December, Cardi B posted a sexy photo with her friend Star Brim onto Instagram. Immediately, body shamers distorted her figure and turned her body into a mean-spirited joke.

But rather than let trolls get the last laugh, Cardi B reposted the image onto her own page.

"You can’t handle all this juicy weight," she cheekily wrote, adding a hair flip emoji.

She calls out society's ridiculous double standards.

Did Cardi B get her boobs done?
photo: Instagram/@iamcardib

Cardi B recognizes that society holds bigger bodies to different standards, and she's not cool with it.

“I don’t understand it," Cardi B told VladTV. "When a girl that has a small chest has her little nipples out, don’t have a bra, I don’t know, it’s ‘tasteful.’ It’s ‘fashion.’ But when a girl like me that has bigger boobs [does the same thing], it’s like, ‘Oh, you slut! What the hell.’ It’s like, what is the difference?"

She's proud of her Afro-Latina features, even when others tell her she shouldn't love the skin she's in.

Cardi B at the Dominican parade
photo: Instagram/@iamcardib

“I always loved my skin complexion," she told VladTV. “I love my color! If anything, sometimes I want to look even darker. But sometimes [people] make you feel like, damn, you’re not even good enough."

She publicly puts body shamers in their place.

Cardi B responds to body shamer
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Earlier this month, trolls scrutinized Cardi B for allegedly gaining weight. They noted that Cardi B looked like she had a "Kylie Jenner secret" and poked fun at her stomach.

But Cardi B wasn't going to let the rude commentary go ignored. 

She fearlessly clapped back in her Instagram comments, telling one hater that she's "just getting fat" and would like to "fat in peace."

She shamelessly shows off her body hair.

Cardi B's stomach hair at the Grammys
photo: Instagram/@moschino

Cardi B showed up for her Grammys performance wearing a colorful, cropped Moschino ensemble that happened to show the hair on her stomach.

Rather than waste time shaving (and turn her attention away from her performance), Cardi B simply decided to keep it real and rocked the natural tufts of hair on her body.

Cardi B proved that she's not ashamed of her body hair (and we shouldn't be ashamed of ours, either). 

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