Cardi B has shared her opinions on coronavirus testing and how easy it is for celebrities to get access. Meanwhile, everyday people have experienced trouble getting testing when necessary. 

The musician has not kept quiet about her political beliefs and is getting loud about the coronavirus crisis too. While celebrities have been vocal about staying indoors and following the self-isolation protocols, some have also recommended getting tested, or explained why they were tested for the virus. The rapper didn't agree with the privilege surrounding some of these statements and went off in an Instagram video. 

For information about getting tested for COVID-19, see the CDC's recommendations.

Cardi B posted a rant on Instagram.

"If a celebrity is saying, 'Hey, listen. I don't have no symptoms ... but I went and got tested and I'm positive for the coronavirus,' that cause confusion," the celebrity said in her video. She accused influencers and celebrities of misleading their followers about testing protocols.

Many think this was a direct response to Idris Elba, who told his followers he got tested.

Elba revealed that he didn't have symptoms, but knew someone who had tested positive for coronavirus. So, he got tested and discovered that he too was positive for COVID-19. Some people accused Elba of lying, to which he responded: "The negativity around 'test shaming' is counterproductive. I don't see what people get out of that. This idea that someone like myself is going to be paid to say I've got coronavirus. That's absolute [redacted], such stupidness."

Cardi B went off on President Trump, too.

The rapper wouldn't even address Trump by his name and instead referred to him as "Number 45." One Twitter user wrote, "'Number 45' sis really said that who shall not be named." 

Cardi B went off on the government for downplaying testing and the virus as a whole, and not recognizing the general public and lower classes, who don't have the luxury of self-isolating in a home. Many people, as Cardi B pointed out, live in apartments with multiple other residents, which will not slow the spread.

The rapper got some support in the comments from friends and fans.

Cardi B got support from influencers like Jessenia Gallegos, and musicians like SUPA and Lauren Jareugui. Of course, the video was filled with expletives and the rapper's signature humor, but all of the points she made were serious and not wrong. The celebrity is notorious for speaking up for everyday Americans, despite being an A-list celeb.

Many people expressed they've struggled getting tested.

"Nothing about this is a lie. Rich people getting tested because they sneezed but meanwhile my Grandpa STILL can’t get tested tf," one Twitter user wrote. Even celebrities like Kathy Griffin have expressed difficulty in finding testing and blamed Donald Trump for the shortage.

If there's one thing for certain, it's that Cardi B is not slowing down her activist's voice anytime soon.

"Well look at her using her platform as she should and not speaking a single lie while these other celebs silent or trying to sing us some songs," one Twitter user replied. Many celebs have been using their voices to try to entertain and cheer up their followers. However, Cardi B has decided to take a different approach. 

Plus, she recently informed her followers about filling out the 2020 census in another lengthy Instagram video.