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The world is still reeling from Cardi B's iconic "Saturday Night Live" pregnancy announcement where she showed off her baby bump in a tight white gown, but in typical Cardi fashion, she's not slowing down. Since her baby announcement, the singer has received an influx of love from her fans — and sadly, some criticism from mom shamers. 

In true Cardi fashion, she just let it roll right off her shoulders and onto the Coachella stage where she gave ALL the power back to young moms-to-be.

Cardi B was one of Coachella's headliners, and her dance moves were the star of the show.

It quickly became obvious that Cardi wanted to make a statement with her baby bump by TWERKING hardcore.

Clearly, the other onstage performers (and the crowd) didn't mind.

Most were actually applauding Cardi for how good her moves were, considering she's several months pregnant.

It's a skill not many have.

Her little twerk sesh inspired moms and hopeful-moms to be proud.

After all, who says you can't be pregnant or have kids WHILE ALSO being sexy and dancing on stage?

Now THAT is powerful.

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