The past two years have been nothing short of amazing for Cardi B. She's risen to stardom at record speed, and her whirlwind career has brought about millions of changes. Many of those changes came in the form of her hair, makeup, and nails. The once Instagram celebrity is now one of the biggest names in the world, and it doesn't seem like she'll be slowing down anytime soon. 

So in celebration of the superstar's first Grammy win, we're taking a trip back in time to see the glow-up of Hollywood's new It girl. Cardi, you deserve it.

When Cardi was the cutest kid ever:

Bardi wore her hair like any other girl in the world. Who else had to rock the ponytails with the decorated barrettes?

When Cardi was Instagram famous:

She gained popularity for being the fun-loving, outrageously hilarious stripper who made Instagram videos that made us hunch over in laughter. She was often spotted with a banged black wig or two cornrows.

When Cardi's wig and setting powder were ... distracting:

Cardi B with hat turned to the back and lowcut white shirt
photo: Getty Images

Donning that signature wig, Cardi also paired it with a little too much setting powder. But really, who hasn't overbaked once or twice?

When Cardi made latex "a thing":

Cardi B in pink latex set
photo: Getty Images

Who can forget that night of the infamous smoky eye and that pink latex coordinate set? 

When Cardi famously "got a bag and fixed my teeth":

And nope, it wasn't cheap. Cardi, who faced relentless trolling about her teeth, got a full set of veneers in 2017. She was quick to remind us: "Hope you hoes know it ain't cheap."

When Cardi gave a shorter 'do a try:

Cardi B with leather pants and plaid shirt
photo: Getty Images

As her career began to grow, her look began to change more and more. The usually long hair that we were used to seeing Cardi in was traded out for shorter locks.

When Cardi started to become a red-carpet fixture:

Cardi B at the BET Hip Hop Awards
photo: Getty Images

Out of nowhere in 2017, it seemed everyone was glued to red carpets just to see what Cardi would wear. In this case, at a BET awards ceremony, it was a high ponytail and silver eye shadow. 

When Cardi was an honorary Kardashian:

cardi b short hair
photo: Getty Images

Just days before that red carpet appearance, Cardi was seen hanging out with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian for the first time ever. Was it a coincidence that she brought out the short hair? We think not.

When she full-on embodied Cinderella:

Cardi B at the 2018 Grammys
photo: Getty Images

Cardi was not only becoming a fashion icon but also a beauty icon at this point in 2018. With the help of her amazing glam squad, she quickly became the highlight of any and all major industry events.

When we all learned that Cardi was no one to play with:

cardi b all purple outfit
photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Fashion Week 2018 was no match for Cardi. This all-purple look (hair included) was on timelines everywhere. And that beat? Flawless.

When red hair became one of Cardi's signatures:

cardi b red hair
photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Cardi has elevated her red hair time and time again. This time, the red-hot mama donned a deep-red, bone-straight wig.

When Cardi had that pregnancy glow:

cardi b maternity shoot
photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Cardi absolutely rocked pregnancy. And that maternity shoot was something to marvel at. The dramatic long black waves and fiery makeup made us wish we also had the pregnancy glow. Well, maybe minus the baby.

When Cardi solidified her stance as a beauty icon:

Cardi B at Power 105 Jam
photo: Getty Images

Her hair, makeup, and elaborate nails have been and always will be a hit. When we need beauty inspo, her Instagram is one of the first we turn to.

When Cardi's glow-up was unparalleled:

cardi b 2019 grammys
photo: Getty Images

We've enjoyed every moment of it, and we know it won't stop anytime soon. The Grammy winner is easily music's It girl, and now she's beauty's too. 

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