cardi b fashion nova
photo: Instagram/Fashion Nova

You might have noticed Cardi B's Fashion Nova collaboration was trending on Twitter yesterday. Well, Cardi X FN sold out in three hours. It set a new record for the trendy online retailer. Moreover, it grossed $10.8 million. 

That's a lot of money. What can we say? Cardi B has mass appeal and she knows how to use it. 

Cardi B's Fashion Nova clothing line is already sold out, baby! 

Cardi stunned in a Clueless-esque outfit at her collection launch party.

"Thank you everybody for your support .The line sold out but we will RESTOCK NEXT WEEK!" Cardi wrote on Instagram.

The collection was as vast and diverse as Cardi's wardrobe itself. The perfect pieces for a boss. 

I can't say I am surprised her collection sold out so quickly when her Tom Ford lipstick also sold out in six hours. 

Miss B knows how to throw a launch. She performed all the hits at her Fashion Nova launch party. 

It's hard to believe she literally just had a baby. Do you want to party with Cardi?

All 82 pieces in the collection have sold out, totaling over 100,000 units sold. 

The collection grossed $10.8 million. Who knows how much of a cut Cardi gets from the deal, but damn, that's a lot of money. 

Fortunately, the collection will be back in stock next week. (They'd be silly not to bring back the now legendary looks.) 

If Fashion Nova isn't your thing, fear not, Cardi has a collection with Reebok that will be dropping soon.