If you haven't been paying attention to Cardi B as of late, dude, where have you been? In the past six months alone, the rapper has become a household name. Not only has her music been topping charts left and right, but she's also become somewhat of a style and fashion icon in her own right.

Cardi's signature makeup look has been envied by her peers since she first entered the celebrity scene, and that's due mostly to her long-term friend and makeup artist Erika La' Pearl. La' Pearl is the one responsible for Cardi's perpetually snatched cat eyes and her bright, bold smoky looks that no one else on a red carpet could pull off. And much to fans' delight, La' Pearl's techniques are easy to mimic, not to mention that most of the pro's favorite products she uses on the rapper come at an extremely affordable price.

It's no secret that Cardi frequently relies on products from drugstore brands BH Cosmetics, Rimmel, Milani, and Neutrogena, but La' Pearl's application methods have mostly gone unknown — until now. Below, watch the makeup artist re-create Cardi's iconic 2019 Grammy Awards look step-by-step and teach you how to create a flawless beat along the way.