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But her red carpet dress was what really got Twitter talking.

Cardi B walked the red carpet with her husband in a vintage Mugler dress from 1995. She looked like she was inside of a clamshell with her dress blooming around her, pearls adorning her head, and one dangling from the front of her gown. 

And everyone immediately clocked her similarities to the iconic Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Honestly, who wasn't watching The LIttle Mermaid as a kid. We might've fawned over Ariel's hair as kids, but as adults, we relate to Ursula way more.

Some fans didn't like the look at all. 

I guess looking like a sea witch isn't Twitter's idea of proper Grammys attire. This person went so far as to say she looked "a mess."

This person even dragged Katy Perry along with Cardi for their ... aquatic looks.

The theme of the night could have been "under the sea" as far as Twitter is concerned. Cardi B looked like Ursula and, according to this fan, Katy Perry looked like a jellyfish.

Maybe she just needed the right makeup, some users thought.

Maybe the issue wasn't the dress but rather that Cardi didn't really commit to the look. Some people thought needed much more dramatic eye makeup and a bold red lip to pull everything together. 

Someone else compared her to those clams from Spongebob.

This may be the most spot-on comparison that I've seen; those clams are almost exactly the same color as Cardi's dress. 

Maybe we should run a poll of who wore it better?

So in a poll among Ursula, the clam from Spongebob, and Cardi, who do you think would win? Most people have made the Ursula comparison, but the clam is a close second. 

Maybe the clam could be Cardi's understudy in a live-action remake of the movie. 

I would pay money to see this, and so would you. Let's be honest here.

Maybe the elaborate dress was just a ploy to keep Offset at arm's distance.

This is the perfect dress to wear if you're still mad at your husband for cheating on you. I know some fans are still mad at Offset, but the couple is back together.

Maybe Cardi just took a page out of Will Smith's book.

Between his live-action Genie in the upcoming Aladdin reboot and Cardi's Grammys dress, we're seeing Disney everywhere.