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Cardi B always unashamedly flashes her fancy bling and flaunts her riches. 

Her songs constantly exude that boastful energy, and she wears expensive clothes and jewels. Now it's time for her daughter to experience that luxury. 

Her rags-to-riches story is famous, and the star has bragged about making "money moves." Just ahead of her daughter's first birthday, Cardi B shared in a now-deleted post that she spent $80K on diamond bracelets and earrings. 

While it does seem like an over-the-top purchase, you have to admire the star's hard work and tenacity. 

Kulture Kiari, the rapper's daughter, bounced along to her mom's songs while wearing her bling. 

This Cardi B fan account reposted a short video the artist had posted to her Instagram Story. The almost-one-year-old's shiny jewels are on full display with her diamond bracelets glinting as she bounces along to her mom's new songs. The daughter of two rappers, she is destined to be a music lover and clearly already loves dancing along to her parents' beats. 

The award-winning rap artist shared to her Twitter that she always wanted a daughter. 

It's no surprise that Cardi B spoils her 10-month-old. She revealed via Twitter that she had always wanted a daughter and cried when she found out she'd be having a little girl. 

"The day I find out I was having a girl I was crying sooo much for hours I was soo happy cause I always wanted a little girl," she wrote. 

Now Cardi B has a daughter and the means to spoil her with an insane amount of jewels — $80K worth. 

The millionaire rapper bought jewels from Pristine Jewelers, known for its large rocks. 

Cardi B tagged the jeweler in a now-deleted Instagram post sharing a string of texts. The text read, "Everything will be ready at 3, bracelets are comin' out cuteeee and changed the setting to the studs with the bigger pair, send ur guy at 3 also pls call Linda and tell her to wire the 80K, I just spoke to her she needs ur approval." 

Gone are the days of cheesy charm bracelets for youngsters. Now the latest trend (at least among these multimillionaires) is expensive diamonds. 

Cosmopolitan saved the now-deleted Instagram post that Cardi B shared. 

Cardi B, reportedly worth more than $8 million, bragged to her social media about the $80K worth of gems she bought. 

According to Cosmopolitan, she captioned the screenshot, "Just spent a bag on my daughter, you know a bad bitch gonna spoil. If I’m iced out my daughter gotta be too. YEUP IM BRAGGING CAUSE I BUST MY A** TO DO SOO."

One person on Twitter didn't appreciate the braggadocios and display of riches. 

A Twitter user pointed out that the gems on the baby, who's not even one year old, are worth more than some annual salaries. Not to mention, the bracelets will likely not fit the growing child sooner rather than later. 

They wrote, "I'm not judging or trying to hate but it's hard not to feel a way about people spending twice my annual salary on jewelry that a child will outgrow in a year."

Another person joked that this luxurious buy diminished the quality of their own "luxury" accessories.  

Upon hearing the news that Cardi B spent a ridiulous sum of money on her daughter's bracelet, their own accessories no longer felt worthy. 

This person tweeted, "Cardi B just bought her baby $80k worth of diamonds, and now everything I’m wearing IS CHEAP LITERAL GARBAGE. **angrily removes AppleWatch**" An AppleWatch, an accessory considered a luxury to the average person, has little value compared with the ice placed on baby Kulture's wrist. 

The 10-month-old now has more jewels than most people will have in their entire lifetime. 

In Cardi's deleted Instagram post, she pointed out that if she were to wear flashy diamonds, then her daughter would also get to have some extravagant accessories of her own. A fan account posted this sweet photo of Offset and Cardi B's baby in May: "Happy 10 Months Kulture...," the caption read. Ahead of her first birthday, the rapper bought this bling. Who knows what July 10, the baby's actual birthday, will bring. 

The tot has lived the high life since birth. 

The little girl has only known luxury, so what's a few diamond bracelets? Celebrities are infamous for spoiling their children. Hopefully Cardi B's daughter will remain grounded despite living a lavish lifestyle. 

The latest jewelry is just a portion of what the baby already has. 

Cardi B shared this image of her daughter's tiny wrist with a hefty diamond bracelet dangling from it in February. The customized bracelet was from a different diamond shop this time, and it's unclear how much cash was dropped for this piece. But judging from the sparkles, size, and customization, it certainly wasn't cheap. 

Nonetheless, Cardi B is hard at work, so that she can afford the luxurious gifts for Kulture. 

The rapper has been hinting at her upcoming single's release for weeks now. On Monday, she announced that the "Press" single and cover art will drop on May 31. "PRESS SINGLE AND OFFICIAL ART WORK DROPS THIS WEEK ON 5/31 !!!" the artist shared to her Instagram.