Cardi B has had several major red-carpet moments in the past few weeks. Most recently and most notably, the rap superstar made her second appearance on the Met Gala red carpet last Monday in a literal showstopping gown that spanned what seemed like miles. Her plush and on-theme gown, complete with a headdress, will surely be one of the most talked-about Met looks of all time.

Just before that, Cardi turned heads across the globe at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. There, she hit the red carpet — with Offset in tow, naturally — in a bright yellow, two-piece silk gown that showcased her abs, which frankly looked ripped enough to shred cheddar cheese with ease.

That particular moment left everyone not only dazzled, but rightfully curious. Cardi's a new mother, after all, and to have a rock-hard core so soon after giving birth is a feat that not even some Kardashians have achieved so quickly. Tabloids and internet users everywhere speculated: Did Cardi have help in the post-baby-body department?

Thankfully, Cardi is not the least bit shy about admitting what procedures she's had done and why she wanted to get them in the first place. She's already admitted to having her breasts augmented to account for the drastic change they endured from pregnancy. Now Cardi is opening up about the fact that she had liposuction, too, to help her body recover from the life-changing experience of giving birth.

And naturally, she's doing it the only way that Cardi knows how: bluntly.