When Cardi B arrived at the Met Gala in 2018 — her first-ever appearance at the notoriously exclusive event — she did not disappoint. The theme was Heavenly Bodies, an exploration of fashion throughout the history of Catholicism. Cardi hit the nail on the head in an ornate ball gown, with an overflowing bust and a decorated, structured headpiece.

So it shouldn't have surprised us so much when she leveled up for the 2019 pink carpet, which she literally shut down with her look. The rapper extraordinaire donned a massive maroon ball gown that seemed to stretch on for miles. Even more impressive, the gown was adorned in 3,000 feathers and reportedly took 2,000 hours just to put together. Like, SHEESH.

This brings us all the way back to the 2015 Met Gala, when Rihanna set the new standard for the ball in a canary yellow gown so long and fluffy that you could have hosted a sleepover in it. Unfortunately for Rihanna, who did not make an appearance on the pink carpet this year, it seems that her crown was snatched right up by Cardi B, our new Met Gala queen.

Cardi's gown was even longer than Badgal's, so much so that she and her glam squad took up almost the entire runway, making it impossible for anyone else to step on her big moment. Catch that moment in the video below and get a close-up of her look from every single angle.