If there is one thing Cardi B knows how to do, it's make some serious "money moves," to quote the hook from her first hit single, "Bodak Yellow." She's managed to rise from slaying stages and collecting dollars at strip clubs in New York to collecting thousands per episode on VH1's Love and Hip-Hop reality TV series to blazing up the music charts and performing all over the world! Again, because it must be restated, Cardi B knows a thing or three about making money, keeping money, and creating multiple streams of income. 

She recently revealed that she spends around $1,200 just to get her hair and nails done. "We getting more expensive boo boo," Cardi revealed on her Instagram page. "Lemme tell y'all m************ something. It's getting more and more expensive — nah, for real — it's getting more expensive to maintain us women." 

And that's just the glam! Since the birth of her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, Cardi B has opted to fly in private jets more often. She and her husband, rapper Offset, also just purchased a new house, and each have their own fleet of cars at their Atlanta home. Then there's Cardi B's apartment in Edgewater, New Jersey. There's also the money she'll have to spend on that private chef she's been scouting on social media. 

Basically, Cardi B is spending tons of money regularly, so it only makes sense that she knows how to make it back seven times over. With her Fashion Nova promotion deal, her Fashion Nova collection, a Tom Ford lipstick, a partnership with Steve Madden, a residency in Las Vegas, the Hustlers movie in production, and so much more on the way — we can all safely bet that Cardi B is pulling in the millions easily. 

If you want to grab a few tips that Cardi B has learned about money management, then check out the video ahead where she shares some of her wisdom in detail at the 2019 Beautycon event in New York.