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After Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj during the Harper's Bazaar ICONS event, her new Tom Ford lipstick "Cardi" sold out in less than 6 hours. 

The New York Fashion Week afterparty became an all-out brawl when the two women started to fight during a Christina Aguilera performance. Cardi B walked out of the altercation with a giant welt on her head, but everyone seemed to be on the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's side.

So Cardi B went to the Harper's Bazaar ICON event for New York Fashion Week.

Nicki Minaj, who has been "coming for" Cardi since "Bodak Yellow" meant a new female rapper was on the scene, was also there. 

Minaj has been liking tweets that insulted Cardi and has been "sneak dissing" Cardi in her music. Cardi let all of it slide until Minaj liked tweets claiming Cardi was a bad mother.

So naturally, Cardi threw a shoe at Minaj during the event. 

According to Marie Claire, the brawl was initiated by Minaj, who stepped on Cardi's dress train while she was taking a photo with Kelly Rowland and Lala Anthony. The dress train ripped. 

Cardi then lunged at Minaj. Nicki's security created a barrier around the "FEFE" rapper. 

One of Minaj's guards allegedly elbowed Cardi in the head, leaving her with a large bump. She still managed to look flawless AF. 

After the incident, Minaj seemed unfazed. 

Cardi shared a statement on Instagram. 

As the story was unfolding, Tom Ford launched a new lipstick called "Cardi" in collaboration with the rapper.

The lipstick sold out in less than six hours. I guess we know whose team everyone is on. #TeamCardi

After the incident, people on Twitter took sides. (Mostly Cardi's side, TBH.)

Are you team Cardi or Team Nicki?