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If you're looking to read about the most predictable news of the year, here it is: Rappers Cardi B and Offset are reportedly working on getting back together. The two have been spotted together more than once since their split. We're not trying to say they should or shouldn't get back together. That certainly isn't our call to make. It's just that... we saw this coming as soon as they broke up. 

Rapper Cardi B and Offset, one-third of the Migos rap trio, have reportedly been trying to work on their marriage. 

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After Offset's cheating hit the media, Cardi promptly released a video announcing their breakup. 

Offset was quick to try to win her back. He spent the last few weeks of 2018 trying to make it up to Cardi, including giving her pretty icy Christmas gifts worth thousands of dollars. 

Aside from that, Offset has turned to social media to express his love and seek forgiveness from his wife. 

And we can't forget how Offset crashed Cardi's Rolling Loud set.

Cardi had to jump on social media to defend him and tell her fans that she "can't predict the future."

Let's be real: Not predicting the future just means you're predicting you'll have a future together.

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And that's exactly what happened! Although it wasn't confirmed at first, Cardi and Offset began to be seen in public together again. Like the time they went to Puerto Rico together. However, Cardi claimed she only went to get some needs met.

She even went on social media (again) and talked about missing his penis. 

Now TMZ is reporting that a source close to the couple says they plan on working things out

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The source reportedly says that Offset is going to change, but Cardi isn't ready to be public with the news or put her ring on yet. 

Whatever happens, we can always support a family getting back together. 

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Do you think the couple should get back together? Let us know! 

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