Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week wearing Richard Quinn
photo: Splash News

It was a mystery as to who was wearing this full-body Richard Quinn gown that completely covered this celebrity's face until a recognizable cackle was heard underneath. 

Cardi B shared a video of herself serving the most extra looks in the floral ensemble. Naturally, she posed in front of the Eiffel Tower for Paris Fashion Week. The high-fashion look was just one of many she sported at various stylish events. This was also quite possibly the most dangerous because she couldn't see. 

Even though the rapper didn't make it to New York Fashion Week, she's making it up to fans by serving these stunning works of fashion art that honestly deserve a spot in the Louvre. 

As soon as Cardi's recognizable laugh and voice were heard, it was immediately obvious she was wearing the high-fashion gown. 

"What's poppin', baby!" the singer crooned from underneath the outfit. After posing for a myriad of breathtaking photos, Cardi sauntered off into a crowd of paparazzi. The artist shouted out, "Make sure a car don't hit me! Because a [redacted] can't see!"

Some think that the Richard Quinn gown is commentary on a French law that prohibits face-covering garb, which primarily targets Muslim women.  

While the Hustlers star's look was on point fashion-wise, it also came with some political commentary, which may or may not have been intentional. Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel pointed out the double standard that Cardi B was allowed to sport this look, while many Muslim women are fined for wearing their religious attire. "I hope this reminds people that Niqabs are banned in public places in France and come with a fine of up to €150," Emmanuel writes. 

She also wore a few more high-fashion, out-of-the-box looks. 

The "Press" singer was looking flawless in a massive EDDA hat and matching bodysuit and coat. The singer also wore a fitted gray pencil skirt and bodice top, which she shared to Instagram from the Thom Browne show. But her most extravagant look by far was the head-to-toe blue-green floral dress and coat. 

The avant-garde style received mixed reactions, but Cardi was certainly feeling herself in the look. 

One person asked Cardi what was the inspiration behind the look in a reply and someone wrote back jokingly, "Grandmas curtains." But Cardi knew some people wouldn't understand her style, so she tweeted, "How they going to understand it when they don’t even understand me." 

In her video she knew she was serving looks and said, "I'm here to serve it to y'all [redacted] and serve it to you cold. You [redacted] could really never."