Cardi B. has had it with addressing hate about her own body — so it seems like she's complimenting someone else's on theirs.

After an account posted a before-and-after photo of Rob Kardashian, Cardi B. leaped into the comments.

"Yaaaaaaaaaas Rob!!!!!!!!!!!" is going to be my phone home screen background from now on.

Cardi B. and Kardashian's "romance," however, is pretty off-limits.

Kardashian's ex, Blac Chyna, used Cardi B.'s hit "Bodak Yellow" to incite drama with Kardashian.

She's also engaged to Offset, BTW.

Chill out, fam.

Additionally, the photo Cardi commented on wasn't even of Kardashian.

The "after" photo was heavily Photoshopped.

Kardashian has talked about missing his "old self" before, too.

He responded to a fan saying he misses himself, too. 

Many took his response to mean he misses his former body.

Regardless of whether you're trying to change your body or you love it as is, it's sweet to see the positive reinforcement Kardashian got from his fans (including Cardi!).

Love yourself at every size, and know that you have people cheering you on no matter what.

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