Cardi B isn't happy about a certain email she recently received. Someone forwarded her a message from a scammer claiming to be Cardi herself. This person asked for a donation for autism research, but their email looked fake from start to finish. The spelling and punctuation were completely off, and on top of that, the emails were being sent from a Gmail address.

I guess this person didn't want to spend too much time on looking official. Anyway, Cardi wasn't having it. She posted a screenshot of the email and let everyone know that if she doesn't let you know what she's doing directly, it wasn't from her. My question is, why would you use Cardi B's name when you know she's not afraid to call people out.

Someone on the internet is trying to scam Cardi B's fans.

A fan of Cardi B's reached out to her after getting a suspicious email. The email, from someone who calls themself "Cardi B Cardi B," said that they're looking for donations for autism research. 

The email looked suspicious from the start. 

The email looked unofficial in every way. It's full of typos and punctuation errors. The first sentence read, "Thanks you for the love and support you showered on me,its been a wonderful year having fans like solidly behind me,this is my way of saying thank you to the people that have brought me this far.i hope you never stop listening to my music."

On top of everything else, it was sent from an email address. isn't the most official-looking email address. 

Cardi posted screenshots of the email and went off. 

Now she's warning fans not to believe emails like this.

"Thanks @iamdeadeye59 for putting me on ! THIS S*IT IS FAKE ! FAKE DONATION S*IT! Ya wild disgusting taking advantage of real kind people who wanna make a change but ya scamming! If it don’t come from my mouth don’t believe it !"

Fans flooded her comments in support.

Fans were obviously upset that someone would take advantage of others for such a worthy cause. The person who sent the email hasn't been found.

Would anyone be surprised if Nicki was behind this?

Now, it's just a joke. Besides, I highly doubt Nicki Minaj cares THAT much about Cardi that she's out here targeting her fans. I'm sure Cardi has issues with other people, and there are always those people who are looking to scam anyone they can. 

Why would you even choose Cardi B for this scam, though?

Cardi stays on Instagram and is well known for her rants. You'd any plain person would realize that Cardi would snap if she found out her fans were getting stolen from. This is the same woman that let the world know that she had to take her pants off because they were too tight. 

Cardi's the realest person on Instagram — lest we forget the iconic mustache rant. Who does this scammer think they're dealing with?

This scammer has to know that Instagram is how so many of Cardi's fans know who she is. Remember that video she posted letting people know it's OK if a woman has a thicc mustache? Because you should. Remember kids, if it's not on Cardi's Instagram it ain't real. 

Cardi is also infamous for speaking out against people who cross her.

This Instagram video of Cardi is still making its way around the internet. It's gotten so much attention that Democrats in Iowa have invited her to speak at a reception. The video has close to 20 million views. 

And Cardi has no problem telling someone to sit the hell down.

This infamous tweet had the Internet going crazy. When political commenter and Republican Tomi Lahren went after Cardi for the Trump video above, she responded, "Leave me alone I will dog walk you."

Cardi's also addressing rapper 21 Savage's mysterious and sudden ICE arrest.

Rapper 21 Savage has been detained by ICE agents because his visa allegedly expired back in 2006. He's originally from The Republic of Dominica (formerly a UK territory), although he grew up in Atlanta. 

Cardi posted a picture of 21 Savage on her Instagram that said "Black Lives Matter" and "Free 21 Savage." In the caption of the post, she discussed their friendship and said he's totally innocent.

We knew Cardi had to clap back when Lahren chimed in on that matter, too.

Some people can't leave good enough alone. Lahren, of course, had to comment on the legal trouble 21 Savage is going through. She even made light of the situation by mocking him with lyrics from his song "Bank Account." 

Cardi let her know that she's still got a leash.

Cardi responded to that tweet with "don't make me get my leash." Twitter went crazy again and Lahren has made a couple of responses. 

She responded to Cardi by saying she's a fan of both hers and 21 Savage, but that doesn't matter so much to Cardi.

Lahren says that our immigration system is broken, and things need to change in order to keep "dangerous people" out of the country. "Here’s something maybe we can agree on, our immigration system is broken," she wrote.

Cardi even shut down Nicki Minaj to defend 21 Savage — point blank, Cardi's scammer picked the wrong woman to mess with.

NIcki the Barbie lashed out at Lahren calling her a "fkn clown" saying her Lahren's "obsession w/our culture is scary to say the least." Lahren responded that she "didn't write the laws and neither did ICE. They enforce it."

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