cardi b mtv vmas 2018
photo: Reuters

Cardi B performed at the Mount Maunganui Bay Dreams festival in New Zealand. While doing some pretty intense twerking, it appears Cardi's green leotard gave her wedgie. Hey, it's the name of the game if you're twerking in a leotard. The "I Like It" rapper continued her rump-shaking performance, but decided to bring things to a halt to resolve the unexpected wardrobe malfunction. 

Queen Cardi B is performing around the world. Her most recent stop saw the "Money" rapper in New Zealand.

Cardi shared a few clips from the performance on her Instagram. Check out her bop "Ring" featuring Kehlani. 

"Anyways, y'all, I need a little break. I'ma be right back, I gotta take this wedgie out my ass," Cardi told the New Zealand crowd. 

cardi b wedgie
photo: Instagram / Cardi B

While Cardi has undeniable star power, I would say, in New Zealand, the real star lied betwixt these two cheeks.

A fan in the audience shared a few highlights from their point of view, but there's one clip that's going viral. 

Briefly during her performance, Cardi had to run backstage to pull out a wedgie. 

Fans on Twitter stan this "Queen of Comfort." 

Cardi's honesty is a lighthearted reminder: Looking good doesn't always feel so good.