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Political outrage and Cardi B aren't things we thought we would ever say in the same sentence. Yet, here we are. Just yesterday, the rapper was on Instagram talking about the government shutdown. She says "[our country] is in a hellhole right now. All for a ... wall." She's talking about President Donald Trump shutting down the federal government more than three weeks ago so that he could try to negotiate funding for a wall to separate the U.S. from Mexico. She talks about how this is affecting federal workers who will not get paid until the shutdown ends. 

Cardi B is upset about the government shutdown. 

She took to her Instagram to talk about it and how government workers aren't getting paid but still have to go to work. 

"I really feel bad for these people who gotta go to work to not get paid."

Trump has just ordered some federal workers to return to work without pay. 

Thousands of workers have been working through the government shutdown so far. TSA agents, for example, have been working without pay since the beginning. Now Trump is ordering back IRS employees because of tax season. These workers will also not be paid. 

Cardi admits she doesn't know what to do. 

In the Instagram video, Cardi says that someone needs to "take some action," but she doesn't know what that would be. Whatever we do, she urges her fans to take the shutdown seriously whether or not they're affected by it. 

Plenty of people agree with her. 

Cardi is using her platform to keep her fans involved in what's going on. The caption of the video even says, "I know a lot of ya [don't] watch the news so I"m letting ya know s--- getting real."

The hashtag #CardiB2020 is trending.

On Twitter, people are helping her form her campaign. 

If Cardi were president, what do think that would mean for the American people? Would you vote for her? 

How about a Cardi vs. Trump Twitter war?

We all know Trump uses his platform on Twitter like no other. It may only be a matter of time before he responds and we have a Twitter war on our hands. 

There were even U.S. senators trying to decide if they should share the video.  

Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut went back and forth on Twitter trying to figure out if they should retweet the rapper. It looks like they agree with what she said, but weren't crazy about her use of language. 

In the end, they decided not to. 

Senator Schatz said the two decided not to retweet the video because it "wouldn't be senatorial." We think they should, but that's just us. 

The shutdown is affecting people all over the country. 

Senator Hillary Clinton tweeted that domestic violence shelters will have to close down if the shutdown doesn't end, but that's not all. Schools aren't able to give kids lunches, college students aren't receiving money from federal aid, and of course, federal workers don't have money to feed their families and are turning to food banks

Some people didn't like what Cardi had to say. 

This person says that Cardi should be the one paying for people since she has so much money now. They don't think her video on Instagram will do anything.

This person doesn't think that Cardi should be taken seriously because she promoted her music video release with City Girls in the description of the video and she called Trump supporters "racist rednecks."

Trump signed a bill that makes sure these federal workers do receive back pay. 

Federal workers aren't getting paid right now. But Trump has signed a bill to make sure these workers get their money when the government reopens. 

Unfortunately, those workers still have to work without pay until the shutdown is over. 

And I'm sure they aren't happy about it.