photo: Jon Furniss / Corbis

Carrie Fisher might be best known as Princess (excuse me, General) Leia in the "Star Wars" movies, but she's also celebrated for being very open about her struggles with mental illness and drug addiction. 

An example: when someone once accused her of having a longer "coke" nail in "The Empire Strikes Back," she wasn't afraid to dispel that myth — but also didn't deny that yes, she was definitely doing cocaine at the time. 

The point is, Carrie Fisher knows what's up.

So when one of her Twitter followers saw the star tweeting in support of Hillary Clinton during Sunday night's  (October 9) debate, they had one very important question for her: is Trump's constant sniffling a coke thing? 

And she replied the best way she knows how.

(The tweet from @Reiamy has since been deleted, although Carrie's response has not.)

For the record, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Trump's sniffling is in any way related to drug use, nor do we know anything about Trump's health one way or the other to suggest that it might be linked to allergies or sinusitis (remember, Trump's doctor says his health is "astonishingly excellent.") 

But suffice it to say, when a person who talks so openly about drug addiction sees something familiar in just how much noise your nose is making, it's definitely not a good thing — to say nothing of his various other odd behaviors during the debate, of course. 

See the sniffles for yourself, as spotted during the first presidential debate: