Celebrities may have access to high-profile doctors, A-list makeup artists, and endless Photoshopping tools, but at the end of the day, the skin doesn't care how "famous" someone is.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology,  50 million Americans have acne — and that number includes celebrities.

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Celebrities have tried *many* different methods to clear their complexions: Natalie Portman went vegan and saw her skin improve. Rihanna cut out the booze. Katy Perry and Julianne Hough swear by Proactiv, while Emma Stone and Olivia Munn opted for cortisone shots

But sometimes pesky pimples just won't go away.

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For serious cases of acne, dermatologists often recommend patients try Accutane — a powerful (and controversial) prescription drug that can actually cure acne permanently. 

The catch? The side effects are intense, and the drug can cause serious birth defects (which is why patients must be on two forms of birth control and take monthly pregnancy tests). 

People taking isotretinoin — better known by its trade name, Accutane — must also get monthly blood tests to ensure that liver function is normal. 

Over the course of two decades, the FDA received hundreds of reports of depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, or suicide in Americans taking Accutane; however, doctors have found the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

Accutane is a permanent cure for about 85% of patients who take it, so it's not surprising that many people (and, yes, celebrities) have jumped on the Accutane bandwagon. 

Both Bella Thorne and Chloë Grace Moretz have taken Accutane to clear their acne.

Does Bella Thorne take medicine for her acne?
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While many celebrities hesitate to share their "human" sides (like their skin struggles), Thorne and Moretz aren't afraid to discuss the lengths they've gone for clearer skin. 

Both of their journeys have included Accutane. 

For Moretz, Accutane was a permanent cure.

Did Chloë Grace Moretz have acne?
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"I dealt with really bad cystic acne growing up," she revealed to Allure in 2016. "I tried changing my diet and my beauty products before going on Accutane." 

Moretz described her quest for clear skin as a "long, hard, emotional process."

Did Chloe Grace Moretz take Accutane?
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But her acne days are finally behind her, thanks to Accutane.

Thorne, however, had a very different experience with the drug.

Bella Thorne's acne
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Thorne told Refinery29 that she was on Accutane for almost two years, yet she continued to have breakouts.

"It is such a work in progress. When I was on Accutane, they told me, 'You'll never have another pimple in your entire life,'" she recounted. "They said nine out of 10 people never have a pimple again. So, I'm like, 'Well, fuck me, I guess I'm just that 10%, aren't I?'"

While Accutane cleared some of Thorne's blemishes, the drug made her feel "depressed" and didn't leave her completely zit-free.

Bella Thorne's acne
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She has found some success with a prescription antibacterial gel called clindamycin phosphate, but still battles the occasional breakout.

Unfortunately, Accutane was not a permanent solution for Thorne.

As Moretz and Thorne prove, Accutane affects each patient differently.

Some people take Accutane and never have another pimple in their life (Moretz); others take Accutane and see minimal results (Thorne).

While celebrities can provide insight into a very real — and very common — experience, it's ultimately up to you and your doctor to decide if Accutane is right for your skin.