Well folks, it looks like four years under Agent Orange, excuse me, Donald Trump, will be coming to a close. The exciting news came on Saturday when several news outlets declared that Joe Biden had earned enough electoral votes to be named president elect. Like clockwork, celebrations erupted in the streets, with music playing, dancing, and champagne popping that went on until the wee hours. 

And celebrities were equally as excited, just like us taking to social media to share their excitement. Check out a few ahead. 

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen

The couple jammed out to YG and Nipsey Hussle's hit song FDT. For those unfamiliar with the acronym, it stands for "f*ck Donald Trump." Agreed. 

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

The two hip-hop ladies both shared their excitement after CNN caught footage of revelers rapping along to WAP outside the White House. Talk about iconic. 


If there's one thing Queen Bey is bound to do, it's post a celebrity throwback photo. She posted old photos of both Harris and Biden, alongside a victory flick of the duo.

Miley Cyrus 

If anyone knows about a party in the USA, it's Cyrus. That's why, she posted a video montage along to her hit song. "NOW it’s a PARTY IN THE USA!" she captioned the post. 

J. Lo

The entertainer was moved to tears at the news. Laying in bed, she woke up and immediately took to Instagram stories to join the celebration.