Celebrities are always keen on making sure their style shines through any of their creative projects, and the holiday season is no exception. Christmas carols, movies, and, of course, decked-out trees are just as much a part of their yuletide felicitations as they are yours. 

Some celebs take it to the max with trees twice the size of your house, oozing with their quirky personality, while others are boring like the rest of ours. Check out our faves ranked by creativity here!


Hilary Duff is literally having the whitest Christmas ever.

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Kelly Clarkson get points for trying.


Christina Milian's tree is not as creative as her coat.


Reese Witherspoon's tree has a ton of tiny unidentified characters on it.


TBH I expected more goth glam from the Prince of Darkness' family.

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Britney Spears' tree is so big it has life-size silver reindeer gathered around it.


Forget Andrea O'Day's tree, we love that Santa-hat-wearing statue.

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Kylie Jenner's tree looks like an actual winter wonderland ... minus Tyga.

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Norman Cook's tree topper is aces.

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Would you expect any less from Coco?

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This is the most Drake Christmas ever. Period.


Hilaria and Alec Baldwin had their daughter's personality all over it.

Carmen and I went to the local bodega today to get a Christmas tree! Then we went to cvs (one of our favorite pastimes right now because they sell chapstick and for Carmen chapstick is). We got all these random ornaments and lights....you know...the usual suspects: Dory, Barbie, Little Mermaid, the Beatles in the yellow submarine. Then came home and decorated it...including this we made. It's bizarre and I love it...because it's 100% Carmen.


Because of COURSE Queen Bey had a lemonade tree.

lemonade tree
photo: Beyonce.com

But Amber Rose and her son Sebastian take home the prize for the most creative and creepy tree.

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