Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are two celebs who did the "Flip The Switch" challenge
photo: Splash News

There's a new challenge that's taken over the internet, and it is so dang hilarious. 

The "Flip The Switch" challenge is based off the 2018 song "Nonstop" by Drake. The lyrics "Look, I just flipped the switch," play in the background, and the premise is that the person filming and a partner trade places. The two (or more) people in the frame swap everything from clothing, dance moves, stance, and facial expression. 

Of course, plenty of famous people have gotten involved in the fad. Some of our favorites include J.Lo and her fiancé, A.Rod, Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon, and Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The adorable couple and parents embraced their youth by attempting the latest internet challenge. The trend became popular on TikTok with many people attempting the swap. I can't believe Rodriguez squeezed his way into J.Lo's dress, and I hope he didn't stretch it out!

Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon

The former presidential candidate and the hilarious comedian partnered up for a SNL clip. McKinnon, dressed as Warren, flipped places with her look-alike with some sick dance moves. This was truly iconic. 

Cameron Dallas and Madisyn Menchaca

Former Vine star Cameron Dallas posed with his girlfriend Menchaca for this hilarious swap. Menchaca wore a strappy, bright orange minidress that hugged all of her curves. However, when it was time to swap, it looked a little tight on Dallas. 

Camila Cabello and Calvit Jr. 

Cabello and her choreographer Calvit Jr. had to get in on the challenge. The singer posed in a white crop top and black jeans with funky red sunglasses, and Calvit Jr. traded places in his oversize bomber jacket and red beanie. Cabello wrote in her caption, "We had to do it."  Let's see her trade places with Shawn Mendes.

Victor Cruz, Scott Tweedie, and Lilliana Vasquez

E! News cohosts Vasquez and Tweedie partnered up with professional football player Victor Cruz. I could not stop laughing at Cruz in that wig attempting to straighten his hair. Somehow he still looked dreamy wearing the hilarious robe-wig combo. 

Instagram influencer Stephanie De Pena and her grandmother

De Pena is a lifestyle influencer on Instagram showing off her health and wellness and fashion tips. However, she had to get a laugh in on her feed with this challenge featuring her grandmother. As a Fashion Nova ambassador, De Pena had to get the logo in there. Maybe the brand will be reaching out to her grandma next!

Emily Ratajkowski and Josh Ostrovsky

Ratajkowski and her pal Ostrovsky, aka The Fat Jewish on Instagram, were one of the first celebs to get in on the trend. "We just flipped the switch," the supermodel tweeted. Ostrovsky sported an American flag speedo, and Ratajkowski wore her uniform of low-riding sweatpants and a cropped T-shirt. 

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

Ripa and Seacrest flipped the switch before they even knew it was cool. The two took a clip from a segment in which the two dressed as each other for Halloween, and set it to Drake's song. Way to recycle an old video and make it relevant again, Kelly and Ryan.