Rihanna wouldn't be the bad gal we love and worship without her signature tattoos. 

Frequent trips to her go-to tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy have left Rihanna with a body full of beautiful ink. 

Rihanna tattoos
photo: Splash News

And it's safe to say that she's truly a tattoo trendsetter, considering the number of celebrities who have straight up copied RiRi's ink.

Case in point: Lena Dunham. For her new underboob tattoo, the "Girls" star admitted that she copied Rihanna.

"Thank you @trinegrimm for my warrior's chest plate/tit chandelier," Dunham wrote on Instagram. "This is my first original piece by a female tattoo artist and it felt sacred and cool and she didn't chide me for copying @badgalriri's placement."

Like Dunham, Justin Bieber also opted for a Rihanna-worthy chest plate tat.

Justin Bieber Rihanna eagle tattoo
photo: Instagram/@justinbieber

Earlier this month, Bieber added a chest selfie to his Instagram story — proudly showing off his brand new winged tattoo.

photo: Giphy

Rihanna's former fling Drake also has zero ink-stealing shame. In September, fans spotted a fresh tat on Champagne Papi's right forearm...

Drake shark tattoo
photo: Erika Goldring/Getty

...and his new ink looked a lot like Rihanna's camo shark.

Bang Bang tattooed RiRi's shark, of course. 

How fishy... literally.

Drake Rihanna matching shark tattoos
photo: Instagram/bangbangnyc

Looks like the infamous "AubRih" relationship will technically last forever.

Rihanna is known for her cascading stars.

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At first, Rihanna kept her shooting stars limited to the back of her neck. (Click for video)

Bang Bang later added more stars to create a sleek trail down her back.

It's no coincidence that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown also has a similar cluster of stars behind his ears.

Chris Brown stars tattoos
photo: Instagram/chrisbrownofficial

The three stars near Brown's ear happen to be the same size and shape as Rihanna's stars.

Brown and Rihanna had a toxic relationship, to say the least...

Unfortunately, they'll always have this permanent reminder of each other.

Rihanna's "Shhh..." finger tat is one of her earliest tattoos.

Rihanna hit up Bang Bang in 2008 to get this "Shhh..." tattoo to match her "Love" finger ink.

It only took Lily Allen a few months to get the same exact tattoo scrawled across HER finger.

Lily Allen shhh tattoo
photo: Twitter

There's no denying this copy cat move.

Lindsay Lohan quickly followed suit.

Lindsay Logan Shhh tattoo
photo: x17Online

Double copy cat!

However, we'll never forget whose fingers were "Shhh"-ing the public first...

photo: GIPHY

Needless to say, Rihanna is truly the tattoo queen. Bow down.