UPDATE, 5/15, 6:07 PM: Chance the Rapper posted an explanation and apology to his Twitter account, "This isn't fake. I accidentally liked an offensive comment on IG. I apologize to anybody hurt by it and it doesn't reflect my character.

Plus-size women are (sadly) fairly used to being flooded with shaming comments, but it still stings when you see them pop up in your feed — especially if it is one of your celebrity icons.

On Sunday, May 14, media site World Star Hiphop featured this sponsored Fashion Nova post on Instagram.

It featured unedited, slay-you-dead photos of plus-size models Cassie Donahue, Dana Martinez, and Porsha Law rocking their plus-size jeans. 

It's an older ad, but every time an account posts it, it draws a wealth of comments — unfortunately, some of them being rude and disgusting. 

Plus-size blogger and literal queen Gabi Fresh noticed one of those disgusting comments was liked by Chance the Rapper, and called him out on Twitter for it.

Chance however, claims that the comment was liked "accidentally" and apologized on Twitter for it.

And while many were totally forgiving of Chance and noted that accidents can happen, some fans were still pretty skeptical.

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Here's to hoping that Chance really *did* just make a mistake — and if not, is looks like Chance could learn a thing or two from Kendrick Lamar.

**sips tea**