photo: Instagram/Charli D'Amelio

More often than not, celebrities avoid addressing rumors that swirl around them. However, on those rare occasions when they deem a rumor simply too baseless, they'll take to social media to shut it down. That's exactly what happened this week after a viral video alleged that Charli D'Amelio was being forced to post by her parents. 

She says there's absolutely no truth to the rumors, and she is finally putting her "foot down."

This isn't the first nor the last time that a rumor has been spread about Charli D'Amelio.

But what else do you expect when you're a social media phenomenon? The most recent rumor was that D'Amelio was being forced by her parents to post. Things seemed to have come to a boil when a viral TikTok was posted alleging that not only was D'Amelio being controlled, but that her mental health, in turn, was being ignored. 

That video was the final straw before D'Amelio decided that enough is enough. 

"I am so fortunate to have such amazing parents and when people spread fake hurtful and false rumors about my family I have to put my foot down," she wrote on TikTok. "I have an amazing dad and family who have never hurt or have taken advantage of me ever please stop spreading these lies. If I am not in the mood to post I don't no one is forcing me my parents care about my mental health more than anything."

If Charli insists that it's all smiles, that's what we're believing. 

Some of the allegations being made are quite farfetched, especially those that point to her smile having changed as a telltale sign of problems brewing. So as long as D'Amelio and her family are happy, that's all that matters.