Fashion brand Desigual teamed up with curve model Charli Howard for its new swimwear campaign — and not a single photo was retouched. 

Howard — a size-6 model who was deemed "plus-size" by the fashion industry — cheekily posed in Desigual's brightly colored swimsuits, showing off her un-airbrushed booty.

Charli Howard unretouched
photo: Instagram/@desigual

“How many fashion campaigns can you say haven’t been retouched?” Howard wrote on Instagram.

The Photoshop-free campaign aims to spread the message that “beauty is measured in so many sizes and shapes, not just size 0."

(Which is true — but unfortunately, Desigual's suits only go up to an XXL, roughly a 14/16. Not exactly the most inclusive size chart.)

Howard joined Desigual's mission by proudly put her "faults" on display.

Wake up call for summer ☀☀☀

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''We all have insecurities and little faults, but that’s exactly what makes us unique and special,” Howard told Desigual to promote the campaign.

The brand wants to change society's perception of what a "real woman" looks like.

Charli Howard unretouched swimsuit photos
photo: Instagram/@desigual

"I think that every woman is a real woman," Desigual quoted Howard. "Who cares if they are short, tall, thin, fat, athletic, heterosexual, or gay? Every one of us is marvelous."

We're so here for Desigual's colorful summer line and dedication to body positivity.

Charli Howard unretouched photo shoot
photo: Instagram/@desigual

Now we just want to see Desigual change its size chart to match its message!