photo: Richie Buxo / Splash News

In 2016, Chloë Moretz became famous for sharing opinions that nobody asked for, contradicting herself, and being blasted by Kim Kardashian. She also had some movies come out, but these are pretty much the main things that people remember.

So, as you can probably already tell, this has been a great year for her — and since she's still got a couple of months left before 2017 begins, Moretz recently decided to continue on this path by igniting a Twitter firestorm based on some comments she made about Shawn Mendes' body:

It all started when Mendes posted a photo of himself from L'Uomo Vogue, giving fans an up-close look at his abs.

Apparently Chloë was feeling the pose, because she posted this in response.

(Yes, she did actually post a GIF of herself as her reaction.)

Moretz's response was surprising to many, since the 19-year-old infamously spoke out against Kardashian posting a similarly nude photo on social media mere months ago. Back in March, she tweeted, "@KimKardashian I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than... just our bodies."

So she had an issue with Kardashian's nude photos, but Mendes' are worthy of praise — and people are calling her out for the double standard.

There's nothing wrong with thirsting over a guy on Twitter — I mean, we all do it — but Moretz, you're contradicting yourself, here. You take a definitive stance on how women should or should not show off their bodies, but a young man displaying his gets your approval? 

Everyone has a right to their own body. It's not up to you to tell them how they should or shouldn't carry themselves, and people are also free to post whatever the hell they want on social media. Mendes clearly felt that it was OK for his millions of followers to see his abs, and obviously you thought so, too. So when a woman decides to do the same thing, you should be accepting of her as well. Don't tell Kardashian she can't show off her body because of sexist and unrealistic rules placed upon her gender.

We live in a society where women's bodies are constantly policed. We're told we look inappropriate or worse for wearing too little, and then get picked on when we're wearing too much. Suggesting that Mendes can wear as little as he wants with no consequence while Kardashian must dress a certain way for the sake of all women is adhering to the belief that women must be held to a different standard when it comes to their bodies.

Maybe this seems like people are just finding an excuse to attack and make fun of Moretz, but misogyny is actually a very real problem in this world. Telling a woman she can't do something a man can do is misogynistic. And as Moretz herself once said, we all need to "look around at what's ACTUALLY happening in the REAL world." 

If Moretz wants to call herself a feminist, she might want to work on being a little less judgmental towards women. She has the potential to learn from her mistakes, if she just takes the time to listen to women and educate herself. That way, people can finally stop dragging her regularly on Twitter. 

(But, we're definitely "Team Chloë" when it comes to wanting to flirt with Shawn Mendes.)