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As if being talented, funny, charming, seemingly intelligent, feminist, and chiseled from stone by the gods themselves wasn't enough, Chris Hemsworth just had to go ahead let the world know he's a pretty excellent dad, too. 

Based on Chris' and his wife Elsa Pataky's various social media accounts, as well as on the many interviews Chris has done about his three children — four-year-old daughter India Rose and two-year-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan — we've officially reached the conclusion that Thor is the most publicly doting Hollywood dad there is. And on this, Hemsworth's 33rd birthday, it's time to finally acknowledge once and for all that it needs to stop. Our loins can only take so much.


Oh great, here's Chris showing one of his boys the majesty of an Australian sunset.


And here he is showing off his daughter's beautiful, if a little abstract, artwork.


He even made her a cake. Dear lord.


Like, OK, you're a perfect human and also a perfect cuddle monster, WE GET IT.


Oh, that wasn't enough? You also had to prepare LATE NIGHT SNACKS?




Whatever the struggle bus is, this photo represents the exact opposite.


His kids don't even have to work out. Their dad does fitness FOR THEM.

The family who trains together, stays together!

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And every shavasana ends with a kiss.

Los motores de mi vida / The engines of my life ???????? #family #happiness #beautifulLife #loveThem #father #daughter

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Some dudes are afraid to wear a baby as a shirt. Not Chris Hemsworth.

Enjoying life, best #family #moments! #beach #love #relax #peace

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Wait a minute, Chris treats (very normal!) child gender identity confusion with grace, love, and acceptance? THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED.

Or we could just clone him millions of times so all of us can have one.