In May, Chrissy Metz wore a latex dress and SLAYED the red (er, black?) carpet.

Chrissy Metz in her red latex dress
photo: Splash News

For this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards, the "This Is Us" actress opted for a crimson babydoll dress by LA's Jane Doe Latex.

Metz made the shiny, ruffled design look effortlessly sexy. But ufortunately, body shamers had a lot to say about Metz's outfit choice.

Reactions to Chrissy Metz's latex dress at the MTV Movie & TV Awards
photo: Twitter

Metz, however, was quick to defend her amazing dress.

Chrissy Metz responds to criticism over her red latex dress
photo: Twitter

"For the record, I wear what I want, when I want," Metz clapped back at the time, adding the cheeky hashtag #thankstho. 

Much to Metz's surprise, her edgy dress *still* happens to be a topic of conversation four months later.

Chrissy Metz's talking about her latex dress
photo: Splash News

At the Curvy Con this past Saturday, Metz was asked to comment on the criticism she received when she decided to step out in latex.

“I just think latex is cool,” she insisted in her keynote address. “I just thought it was so interesting and different."

She had one simple question for her critics:

"What about a big girl being in latex bothers you?” Metz demanded.

Metz told the audience that if the Kardashians can wear sexy cuts and styles, then she can (and will), too.

Chrissy Metz on dressing like a Kardashian
photo: Splash News

“The Kardashians do it; why can’t I?” she announced.

Fans were HERE for Metz's unapologetic attitude.

Reactions to Chrissy Metz's Kardashian comment
photo: Twitter

Plus-size women often feel pressured into downplaying their sex appeal, but Metz won't stand for it. 

If Metz wants to dress like a Kardashian, she will dress like a Kardashian — and body shamers can't stop her.