Our relatable queen Chrissy Teigen is at it again with some candid answers on Twitter about what it really means to be a celebrity. 

The mom of two also got real about life with her children, Miles and Luna, and her husband, John Legend. But the most enlightening answers had to do with some top-secret celebrity intel that we'd never heard of. 

Teigen answered the questions with her signature sass and comedic flair. She's a master at Twitter and kept her followers entertained and informed with what's really important: the lives of A-listers. 

One normal aspect of her life is that she also has a cluttered junk drawer in her home. 

People love to imagine that celebrities live glamorous and totally outlandish lives, but in reality, most of them are relatively normal. At least Teigen and Legend often talk about the relatability in their lives. One person asked the social media maven whether or not she had a traditional "junk drawer," and she responded with a photo for proof.

Teigen's favorite celebrity perk is that her kids can get away with being annoying on planes, unlike most young children. 

Teigen is very open about her family life on social media, so her kids are almost as popular as she and her famous husband. Unsurprisingly, any temper tantrums they have in public are brushed off by passers-by. Teigen tweeted, "No one gives my kids nasty looks on the plane. If anything, they're creepily nice, and it is crazy unfair because they are just as annoying as other kids on a plane." 

But she later revealed that her daughter, Luna, hates paparazzi and has to deal with cameras in her face, so there are cons. 

Teigen has the perfect way to get into any exclusive restaurant, and now I think I should try this trick. 

One person asked if the couple pay to get into restaurants with a long wait or reservations months out. Teigen replied, "I make reservations and don't give them the option to say no. 'Hi, it's Chrissy Teigen, and I'd like to make a reservation for 2 for John Legend. Do you have any availability?' If you just say, 'Hi, can I make a reservation for 2?' they say no. Gotta say it all at once." 

OK, how do I sign up for this exclusive airport membership?

Teigen also answered a question about the logistics of celebrities in airports, and the answer was so A-lister. One person asked, "How the frick do most celebrities travel on planes? Are you ever just hustling through the airport trying to make it to your gate on time?" 

Teigen responded, "There is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. They do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know."

Uber drivers in L.A., you might pick up Teigen on one of your rides. 

Living in New York, sometimes you spot a rare celebrity using public transit. But more often than not, they have private cars to whisk them to and fro. Teigen, however, opts for slightly less bougie transportation. 

Someone asked, "When was the last time you rode the subway/public transit?" And, she responded, "Maybe 10 years or so. I Uber a lot, though."

It seems strange that celebrities would just casually be listed in each other's contact list on cell phones. 

Teigen revealed that many big-name celebrities will change their phone numbers regularly, making it difficult to keep up with acquaintances. So sometimes it requires communication between publicists and assistants. Teigen tweeted, "Sometimes I ask a publicist for someone's info to text, but for the most part, I don't talk to many people because I don't want them to think I'm a thirsty weirdo."

Teigen revealed that she rarely goes out in public, unless she has to. 

Teigen has always been in the public eye, but her stardom has risen recently. Now it's impossible for her to run basic errands, and she shared that she misses going to the grocery store the most. One person asked, "How hard is it for you to go out in public, say, to eat or go to a movie and not be bothered?"

Teigen replied, "I go maybe once a month or less, only if I worked earlier and have my hair and makeup done already."

Teigen also gave the intel for how to be a celebrity's assistant. 

If anyone has ever dreamed of working for their favorite celebrity, it will take a lot more than filling out a LinkedIn job application. Someone tweeted, "How do your assistants become your assistants? Is it through an agency that trains people to be A-list celebrity assistants or what??"

Teigen responded, "We find people that have worked for agents. They're usually completely over working for agents."

Teigen's household is run by a slew of employees, from house managers to assistants to nannies to chefs. 

Teigen is super appreciative of her live-in help and has shared photos of them on her social media platforms expressing gratitude. She also shared that most of her friends in the industry were those who worked with her on the creative side, like hair and makeup teams. 

But she's open about the fact that she has four separate nannies to help care for the kids. Plus, she writes, "We have a house manager who works at the house all day to handle our lives and day-to-day business, packages, scheduling for household staff, etc."

Then, of course, she had to joke about being a part of the Illuminati. 

One of the longest-running conspiracy theories about A-list celebrities is that they're a part of the secret society, the Illuminati. One person asked, "Is there a big ship or secret bunker for the rich & elite to go on/in when the world is ending like in the movie 2012?" And Teigen replied, "If there is, I don’t know about it!! But I love a conspiracy theory. John still hasn’t told me if he’s Illuminati." So not a total yes or no!