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Few Hollywood romances feel as authentic as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's marriage does. 

That's because, despite their fair share of red carpet appearances and award shows, fame actually seems pretty nonessential to their happiness as a couple. I mean, sure, he's a 10-time Grammy winner, and she's a successful TV personality and model with nearly as many Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition appearances. But if you took all those accolades away, it isn't hard to picture them living a life similar to the ones they lead now, full of chill cooking-at-home nights, pooch-spoiling, and now, parenting. They're a strong couple who give off every impression of being a team, and that warms our cynical millennial hearts. 

Below, here are 19 reasons Legend and Teigen are actual relationship goals. 


They're real about the less-glamorous aspects of coupledom.


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Not every night can be an adventure. If you're with someone who expects you to be a constant source of stimulation and excitement — chances are, you shouldn't be. Real love finds contentment and companionship in the quiet moments, too. 


They can get into any A-list party they want to, but sometimes, they really just want to kick it with each other.

Happy Halloween from the Scrooges who went as far away from a doorbell as possible

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It's Halloween, Legend is snoozing in a robe, and Teigen's on her Gameboy. No shame


Clearly, they enjoy each other's company no matter the occasion — even if it's just lazing around in bed all day.


And we do mean ALL.




Seriously, couple time is a major priority for these two.

My gift. College football. Happy anniversary!!

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It's their anniversary, but they're not at a James Beard restaurant making a big to-do. They're at home, sharing an intimate meal and watching football at the dinner table. 


But just because they're easygoing doesn't mean they sacrifice ALL ceremony.

When traveling in Europe recently, the pair made sure to visit Lake Como, Italy, a place that holds special significance for them. It was here they vacationed as a new couple in 2007, shot Legend's "All of Me" music video in 2013, and were married that same year. 


As cozy as they are, they still make the effort to sneak in a surprise now and then.

I'm on my magical mystery date! Luckiest girl alive.

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In this case, private jet access is pretty directly correlated to fame, BUT STILL. There are plenty of affordable ways to employ this same idea. 


They also share a lot of mutual interests, like an obsession with their dogs.

No dogs on set whaaaaaat

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They even had a proper photo shoot, complete with a flower crown, for one of their pups. 


And a love of cooking.

Thankful for my sous chef ❤️ goodnight my loves!

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The couple who cooks together, stays together, right? 

(I don't know how to cook, so if that's true, it's a problem for me.)


They cook all the damn time.

So proud

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Surely they must work out together, too? 


They also listen to each other.

Legend *must* listen pretty damn attentively to his wife if he was able to surprise her with such a randomly specific gift. 


And feel each other's pain.

Cooking class with el sensitivo

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Seriously, these two are near-sickeningly cute. 


But also know how to be plenty goofy together, too.

It's time!!!

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My cold, icy heart. It's thawing and I'm embarrassed, but DAMN, I can't deny it! They're precious. 


Legend can't help but gush about his wife.

Is it just me, or does it appear he may have doodled on Luna's onesie himself? Extra points for craftiness!


And vice versa.

Their verbal PDA could actually be a sign of their commitment to each other, research suggests. Regardless of your social media savviness, though, happy couples are proud of their partners.


And he's her No. 1 supporter.

It's #NationalCravingsDay! Get thee to a bookstore. They still exist!

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Legend is always first in line to applaud his wife's accomplishments. 


With these two, it's clear — they're in awe of each other's assets.

what's up chicken butt

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