Chrissy Teigen
photo: Splash News

Another year has gone by, and people still don't know how to say Chrissy Teigen's last name — not even her husband, John Legend. 

The Vanity Fair cover stars took part in the hilarious and telling lie-detector test interview. The relatable and lovable couple took turns grilling each other, and Teigen had to correct her hubby for his flub on her last name. 

In 2018, she sent a few tweets to fans coming clean and telling the truth about her name pronunciation. It would appear that didn't set in too strongly for Legend, though, because he still got it twisted in the interview. 

Tiegen corrected her husband after he flubbed.

At the beginning of the interview, Legend started off with a few easy questions. "Is your name Christine Diane Teigen?" Legend questioned. His wife quipped back, "It's Tie-gen  ...  but, yes." Yeesh. 

The rest of the interview got personal and quirky, just like the couple. 

In 2018 she replied to one fan who realized that they'd been pronouncing it wrong the whole time. 

"Well we pronounce @chrissyteigen's name wrong all the time," one fan responded to a tweet about mispronouncing names. Teigen cleared the air in a response: "Word! Gave up a long time ago. Last name is Tie-gen, not Tee-gen." Now we know. 

Then, in a faux dramatic video, she claimed she couldn't live with the lie any longer and spelled it out for us. 

"I'm tired of living this lie," she began. "It's Tie-gen," the model continued. Then, she asked for her mother's input, "Isn't it mom?" Her mom shouted back a simple "Yep." 

Of course, she confused fans even further in this Jimmy Fallon sketch. 

Fallon joked about how to say her last name, and Teigen cleared the air again, except it didn't work. Then, referencing a few confusing pop culture moments, Teigen said, "The dress is blue, it's 'yonny' not 'laurel,' and it's pronounced 'tee-gan' not 'tie-gan.'"

Either way, the couple seemed happy as ever.

The duo's adorable daughter, Luna, and son, Miles, stole the show on this Vanity Fair cover. In the feature, the couple got political and outspoken as always. Plus, Legend revealed more about his upcoming Christmas album. Other than the moment in the lie-detector test interview, the pronunciation of Teigen's last name still remains a mystery.