At 32, Chrissy Teigen wears many hats. She models. She co-hosts "Lip Sync Battle," alongside LL Cool J. She 's written two cookbooks. She's a mother of two adorable babies. She's collaborating with beauty brands. And she does a spot-on Donald Trump impression.

So, why is it that everyone still refers to her as "just" a model?

Teigen, in collaboration with BECCA Cosmetics, just launched the BECCA x CHRISSY Endless Summer Glow Collection.

It features three limited-edition products that help you achieve an endless summer glow all year round. 

But before celebrating its release, she had to get a few things off her chest — mainly, how she never really felt like a model.

She opened up to Bustle about it before the party.

She said she's not fond of people still referring to her as a model because it's basically been on the back burner to all of the other amazing things she's doing lately.

"I don’t know why it does [bother me], because there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s so weird. I just feel like, it’s the last thing I do or I don’t really feel like I do it at all anymore," she said. "I’ve never been offended by it. If anything, I was just always weirded out to say it."

"There’s something about it that never vibed well with me because I never felt like I was one. I was always doing something else that I thought was equally cool," she told Bustle.

She added that it's just a weird concept to her and she never really felt like just a model in the first place. "I remember being on an airplane and this man next to me was like, "What do you do for a living?" And I was like, "Uhhhh," and I just made something up because I’ve never been able to physically say it, even when I was one, so I don’t know."

Even today, years after her career began, she has no idea what you should call her.

"I still don’t have an answer now. Honestly, I swear, I really don’t. I never thought I would be the slash person — a host slash this slash this. So, yeah, I still don’t know and I feel like I’m still learning that about myself and what I want to do," she told Bustle. "But I think we’re in this time now where people really have so many different titles and you don’t have to be held down to one thing. I’m proud of [having multiple jobs] whereas before I would’ve felt like, 'Oh, this makes me feel like I have no job.' Now I’m more proud of it."

So, basically, Chrissy Teigen still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. But that's ok!

Do any of us really know?

There is one thing she definitely won't be, though: PRESIDENT. She said the country deserves better.

"Well, I didn’t think it was possible before, but apparently anything is possible. [Laughs] Donald did it! I always thought John would be that person and then I would always joke to him, 'I’m not capable of being a first lady,' and now I’m like, 'Oh my gosh, I could literally be the president,'" she said. "But no, I would never. [Laughs] Don’t worry, we deserve better than that."

Sorry, y'all.

There's still hope for Oprah, though, right?

Regardless of what you call her, Chrissy Teigen is absolutely killing it right now in all aspects. A modern day Renaissance woman, if you will.

And most of all, she's happy. Like, really happy. "Right now, I feel good about myself. I don’t feel like I’m wearing less makeup and I’ve given up. I feel like I just have this inner confidence and this inner beauty. Is that braggy?" she humbly asked.