Chrissy Teigen has always been extremely vocal about her disdain for Photoshop. She's vowed to stop retouching her Instagrams, plus she's admitted to feeling "inadequate" because of the amount of airbrushing that goes into most celebrity and influencer posts on social media.

However, Chrissy Teigen's latest cover seems... off.

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Teigen appears on the cover of InStyle's November issue, and the shoot appears super summery (IDK, InStyle, it's practically Christmas). However, Teigen doesn't QUITE look like herself. 

Teigen looks Photoshopped beyond recognition.

Chrissy Teigen photoshopped
photo: InStyle

Not only does she look absolutely poreless and line-free, but her face doesn't really look like her face. Additionally, Teigen is half-Thai and has naturally tan skin and almond-shaped eyes, but neither feature comes across on the cover.

Fashion forum The Fashion Spot criticized her cover for not only retouching the crap out of Teigen, but also whitewashing the model.

Members of the forum accused the model of looking "unrecognizable." 

Someone even claimed she looks like Kate Hudson.

Hudson is ubiquitous with blonde hair and a very fair complexion — someone who Teigen should normally be far from physically resembling.

Most people agreed that this was an example of whitewashing.

While we don't agree with most of what's in the comment above (namely, calling certain stars "tacky" and calling Teigen's looks an example of "exoticness") this user brings up a valid point: Teigen doesn't look like herself, and it's more than just a case of a really heavy hand with Photoshop.

Teigen's been mum on the issue.

While she hasn't called out the magazine for the Photoshop job, it's what she HASN'T said that's more interesting. Teigen hasn't posted anything about the magazine on Instagram or said anything about it on Twitter. Interesting.

We wonder if she'll speak up, and defend or accuse the magazine. Stay tuned.