Constance Wu responds to diva remarks
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After skyrocketing to success after Crazy Rich Asians, Constance Wu has had a multitude of opportunities come her way. Unfortunately, though, with that success has also come a negative reputation.

Upon the renewal of Wu's ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, the starring actor tweeted messages of frustration at the show's pick-up, because it conflicts with another exciting opportunity for her. Fans were disheartened, to say the least, at the 37-year-old's ungracious outburst. However, some supported the star and understood where she was coming from. 

In her latest leading role in the movie Hustlers, she has been deemed a "diva" as well. But the actor isn't standing for it and told Entertainment Tonight that it is an unwarranted and untrue claim. 

Either way, the comments and claims are not a great start for Wu, who only just recently broke A-list status. A bad reputation in the entertainment industry holds far more weight than talent alone. 

Sadly, Constance Wu has had to fend off claims that she was difficult to work with on the set of Hustlers

Page Six reported that Wu was dubbed the biggest "diva" on the Hustlers set, surpassing notorious Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. An undisclosed insider from the Hustlers set told the outlet that, "She refuses to do interviews, she won’t have visitors on her sets. It’s like a cliché. She is very talented — but all signs are pointing to a difficult diva."

Two other anonymous sources from both Fresh Off the Boat and Crazy Rich Asians corroborated this claim. 

Wu's tweets and subsequent explanation regarding FOTB's renewal were not received very well by fans or critics. 

After the show announced its sixth season, Wu tweeted, "So upset right now that I’m literally crying. Ugh. [Redacted]." She also replied to fans' tweets who were overjoyed at the show's renewal, "Congrats on your renewal! Great news :)" one fan wrote. Wu replied, "No it's not." Wu also went so far as to comment "Dislike" on the show's Instagram post announcing the news. 

In a lengthy statement posted to Twitter, she shared why she posted what she did and that it was not so much about the show's renewal, but another opportunity being taken away. 

"I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project — because that other project would have challenged me as an artist — that other project would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all. Sometimes even my closest friends are baffled at how I could value artistic challenge/difficulties over success/happiness. But I do. I know it's weird." 

Many didn't feel her apology was very genuine and that it showed a sense of ingratitude for a rare opportunity many would be thrilled to have. The actor also closed out her statement with a questionable homage to the #metoo movement that felt wildly out of place. 

"It's meaningful when you make the choice to believe women," she closed out the statement. Wu's dilemma was that many called her out for rude tweets that could have been taken out of context, and it was inappropriate to borrow a phrase that has been used in the context of fighting sexual assault against women. 

After these tweets and the "diva" claims reported by Page Six, Wu had some damage control to do. 

Page Six reported that Wu's representatives demanded that the actor receive headlining status on the film's promotion and even reached out to select publications to ensure that Wu was listed as the lead in stories. 

Wu and her team quickly addressed those rumors with a statement to Entertainment Tonight. "While Constance's character in Hustlers is the key protagonist, any reporting that implies or indicates that she demanded or directed this recently reported initiative is patently untrue and a clear manipulation of facts. She has always been and remains a proud supporter of all her fellow castmates' inclusion in the celebration of this film and telling of this story," Wu's representative told the outlet.  

Along with the reports that she demanded top billing, she was also reportedly rude to crew members and disrespectful to the property the production team rented her in New York City. 

One source told Page Six that, "She’s a total piece of work. She thinks it’s OK to treat people badly and say out loud whatever comes to her." The outlet also reported that she let her pet bunny poop all over the floor of the Chelsea apartment provided for her. None of this sounded good for the star, but she rebuked all of these claims. 

Wu did not request top billing, and contractual obligations determined how the credits would be listed. 

While Wu and her representatives never reached out to request top billing, they did address media organizations who misrepresented some of the key characters, ET reported. Another source from Page Six's report said that Jennifer Lopez, who produced the film, and her production partners signed off on Wu's top billing early on in the film's process. Part of the reason for Wu's headlining status was to further Asian American representation in the industry. 

Photos posted by all of the stars of the film suggested that the cast and crew were close throughout the entirety of the process. 

Wu shared this adorable shot taken by one of the film's producers with her costars Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and Jennifer Lopez. In many of the behind-the-scenes photos and videos, it's clear that all of the leading women got along. Unfortunately, some anonymous sources told Page Six that Wu wasn't as friendly to the crew members. 

Shortly after releasing her statement to ET, Wu shared a shot with her costar Jennifer Lopez in character. 

Wu's statement reads: "We made this film with an incredible spirit of sisterhood and love. Any reports otherwise have felt like an age-old attempt to pit us against each other and knock us down when, in truth, we had the best time making this! We won't be knocked down. We will continue to share and celebrate this story together, as sisters. Thank you to all the fans for believing in us and supporting this film."