Cox played the piano while her daughter sang Demi Lovato's emotional new song.

Clearly Coco Arquette, Cox's daughter with ex-husband David Arquette, is a Demi Lovato fan. The 15-year-old stood next to her mom, who played the song perfectly on the piano, and belted out the heart-wrenching new song. Apparently, it took some bribing to get the teen to sing, though. Cox captioned the post, "When you have a teenager you barely get to see them. So much negotiating. Coco traded me one song if I let her go to a party. I took it."

The teen looks just like her famous mom, especially now that she's growing up.

Arquette is a perfect combination of her two famous parents. Cox's famous friends and followers commented how amazing the teen was doing. A proud Jennifer Aniston wrote, "Awww... just like her god mama taught her..." and Laura Dern responded, "GORGEOUS Coco."

Both ladies are killing it in the music department.

Not only was Coco's rendition of "Anyone" truly breathtaking, but her mom was rocking on the piano. Cox has shared a few clips showing off her musical skills, including this one alongside Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody. Cox captioned her post, "I wasn’t nervous nor did I mess up AT ALL while playing “The Joke” with @garysnowpatrol."

Cox is finding different ways to relate to her teen, including TikTok dances.

The best way to connect with a Gen Z kid is by creating a TikTok dance, of course. Although, it seems that learning the moves proved more difficult than anticipated. Cox wrote, "Wanna see your child lose their patience? Do a TikTok with them. #familyaerobics."

Cox is such a proud mom, and passed on her talents to her only daughter.

Cox has shared Coco's singing videos before, including this one with Lightbody. Arquette sang along to the popular Snow Patrol song, "Chasing Cars." Cox was once engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, and still has a close relationship with the band. The two are still together, though no longer planning to marry. "I have overwhelming gratitude towards @garysnowpatrol for sharing his time to perform at @chords2cure. I just love watching Coco and Gary sing together," Cox wrote on this 2019 post.