Self-care does not take a day off. And for Courteney Cox, self-care doesn't even take a meal off. The Friends star was spotted indulging in her beauty routine at a restaurant in New York City, which is kind of the most luxurious thing I've ever heard. She jade-rolled her face in public, folks, and there's photo evidence. I stan with the strength of a coronal flare.


She jade-rolled her face while waiting for a table.

Here it is, Courteney Cox jade-rolling her face at a restaurant like it's the most normal, casual thing. I mean, maybe it is the most casual thing? Why haven't we thought of this before? Vogue reports that Cox was at Cipriani in New York City, and was waiting for a table at the bar. Apparently even former Friends cast members need to wait in line, so Cox grabbed her trusty jade roller and did her thing. Her companions look completely nonplussed — AS THEY SHOULD.


The Daily Mail has more photos of Cox doing her facial exercises.

I'm very much at loathe to suggest that we all gawk at celeb paparazzi photos, but sometimes, the forces of obtrusive photographers can be used for good. In this case, the Daily Mail has more images of Cox's public facial exercise moment, and it's so decadent I can't help but be inspired to frame these photos and put them on my vision board. SHE IS A QUEEN.


All aboard the jade roller train!

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If you're not down with the uplifting benefits of jade rollers, allow me to introduce you to your new favorite beauty tool. Facial rollers are deeply soothing, especially if you stash them in the freezer for a minute prior to use. The coldness will make your skin contract so it feels tighter; it's your own personal brisk fall breeze.


Cold massages? That's not all facial rollers do for your skin.

Facial rollers don't just feel amazing. They distribute lymphatic fluid around the face, leading to a more toned appearance. Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, M.D., told HuffPost that "whenever there’s stagnant circulation or swelling at all in the face, massage can help that lymph fluid drain into the [proper] channels and away from around your eyes and certain areas where it tends to settle."


Its biggest benefit? Helping serums absorb into your skin.

Jade rollers can help smooth serums into your skin, so they don't just sit on top of your face. They're especially helpful when you're trying to fall asleep but don't want to get your pillowcase to absorb the serum before your skin does. It's also helpful to use over a sheet mask to ease out wrinkles in the mask and get it to fit better on the skin. Ahhhh.


Facial rollers come in other crystals, too!

If you don't feel like you connect to jade on a cosmic level, facial rollers also come in rose quartz, blue sodalite, amethyst, and old-fashioned metal with black roller beads. It's like that spider scalp massager, but for your face.


In any case, I'm totally going to jade-roll in public now, because why not!

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As Cox so brilliantly demonstrates, your beauty routine isn't just for the privacy of your home — it's for eating dinner with your squad. After all, face masks on airplanes are totally a thing, so why not use your facial roller in public? Life is too short to keep your rose quartz roller to yourself. This Mount Lai travel-size facial roller might become a mainstay in my New Yorker tote bag.