Daisy Keech Hype House
photo: Instagram/Daisy Keech

Put a bunch of social media influencers in a house, and you can almost guarantee some drama. However, we weren't really expecting the Hype House to begin spiraling so fast. Not only is an originating member filing a lawsuit, but she just dropped a YouTube video detailing her experience. 

There's trouble in paradise, and like everything else, we anticipate it all unfolding on social media. Check it out.

It was all good just a month ago.

It wasn't long ago that The Hype House was growing bigger and bigger. Everyone seemed to be getting along, some incredible TikToks were being created, and we had a new YouTube channel to obsess over. The teens and adults were living the dream and on their way to becoming household names.

Now Daisy Keech is filing a lawsuit against her former Hype House members and making a YouTube video.

The cofounder of the social house posted a video to YouTube detailing why her days with The Hype House have ended. She began the video by explaining that along with her longtime friends Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, she had the idea for the house and asked for a $18K investment. However, while she invested, she didn't feel represented or heard.

"A trend that I’m starting to notice is he loves to have power," she said in the video. "He loves to be able to tell people what to do, when to do it and how to do it. It started to feel like a f*cking dictatorship in this house. In a house that he barely even paid for."

After Keech became angry following walking into a video shoot that she wasn't made aware of, she claims that Thomas unfollowed and blocked her on all Hype House social accounts and encouraged other members to do the same. In turn, she filed a lawsuit.

Petrou, however, is denying all of the claims.

"I'm so over fake people. Thank God Karma is real, that's how I know I'll always be okay," Petrou posted on his social media account. However, not everyone is on his side, with many saying Petrou has long displayed behavior consistent with what Keech is accusing. "Oh my lord i hate him, is the only member from the hype house that i can say that i HATE," someone commented under a post made on a Hype House tea page.

The two were spotted being friendly as soon as January, and now they're at each other's necks.

While Petrou still has photos of Keech on his account, Keech does not have any of Petrou on hers. Could the longtime friendship be over for good?

Her former Hype House member, Kouvr Annon, had something to say as well.

It seems like she's taking Thomas' side, posting to her stories, saying: "When a girl that talks about mistreated actually mistreated women.." 

It's getting messy and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

Now Keech is starting a new social house.

"We are excited to announce Daisy Keech, Chase Keith, Abby Rao, and Kinsey Wilonski have joined Clubhouse BH!" the instagram page for the newest social house announced on its Instagram page. It's looking like Keech is serious.

We'll keep you posted on the unfolding drama and lawsuit.