Demi Lovato just revealed her new relationship, and less than a month later, she posted a photo holding her baby bump. 

That timeline didn't add up, but it didn't stop fans from feeling completely shook that the 27-year-old could be pregnant. But the singer's caption cleared it up quickly. The faux bump was actually created for her part in the final season of Will and Grace, a show she is famously obsessed with. 

Some fans joked that the pregnancy photo was a clever way to announce new music, and they weren't entirely wrong. Lovato confirmed on her Instagram Story that she's working on her seventh studio album. 

Demi Lovato shared a photo holding a baby bump that took fans by surprise. 

But it's definitely fake! The actor/singer wrote, "Real or Fake?" with a pregnant emoji and a few Will and Grace–themed hashtags. Apparently, Lovato will be playing a new, recurring character named Jenny in the final season. Her post also included a close-up of the baby bump, and it looked so realistic. 

She may not be pregnant with a child, but she is pregnant with a new album!

Fans joked that the pregnancy post wasn't about a baby at all, but about her new music. The artist teased that "This is true" and that D7 is on the way. But, of course, the post also had to do with her Will and Grace character.

Deborah Messing shared a post with the celebrity ahead of filming the final season. 

The Will and Grace Instagram account shared this sweet photo of the costars. Reportedly, Lovato will be playing Jenny, the surrogate to Will (Eric McCormack) and his husband, McCoy Whitman, played by Matt Bomer. Of course, only time will tell if that storyline plays out. 

Lovato shared a sweet post from Spencer West, an LGBTQ activist and Lovato's pal, that summed up just how much Will and Grace means to the LGBTQ community. 

Lovato invited her friend West to watch the taping of the episode, and he couldn't have been more grateful. He captioned this post with the cast, "September 21st, 1998 @nbcwillandgrace aired. It was the first time that this gay boy from Wyoming felt seen and represented on TV." 

He continued, "Will and Grace wasn’t just a sitcom for me. Not only did the show and the characters often mirror my own life and experience, but it was a constant source of light and laughter that got me through some dark times. To this day it is still my go-to when I’m having a rough day and need a good laugh. They’ve also never been afraid to comment on pop culture and tackle political issues facing the #Lgbtq community." 

Lovato felt the love from his caption and reposted on her story, writing, "The caption on this post is one of the reasons it was such an honor being on this show."

Some of the comments were about how Lovato made the bump believable. 

Ellen Show regular Kalen Allen believed Lovato's post for a second. Meanwhile, her manager, Scooter Braun, jokingly congratulated the star, and her now costar Sean Hayes was more focused on her pregnancy style. 

It would be so on-brand for Lovato to drop an announcement as big as pregnancy out of the blue, that's why it was believable. But no news yet. Instead, it's time to start thinking about Lovato's character on the final Will and Grace season. I can't wait to see Lovato flex her acting muscle once again.