News flash: If you burn bridges with Demi Lovato, she won't be afraid to publicly shame you. She did exactly that onstage at one of her concerts recently, when the singer dedicated her song "Sorry Not Sorry" to one of her most notorious haters, Perez Hilton.

The two have a long history of bad blood, engaging in back-and-forth social media fighting in the past (remember in July 2016 when Lovato and Hilton fought it out over some petty Instagram memes)? Clearly, the tension is still alive and well — but Hilton may be taking it too far with his response to the latest dig.

It all started after one of Lovato's recent concerts.

demi lovato
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After the performance, Lovato took to Twitter to say she got to sing the anthem "Sorry Not Sorry" directly to one of "USA's most notorious bullies," who was in the audience.

She tried keeping it classy by leaving the bully unnamed, but of course that didn't last long. 

Hilton then shared screenshots of Lovato's tweets.

"@DDLovato thinks I'm irrelevant and wants to give me a little relevance by tweeting about me! Watch the video I made about her show HERE:  Sorry I'm not sorry I said nothing but nice things about her and it!" he wrote.

Prior to Lovato's tweet, he had shared a "review" of her concert, where he said the show was better than previous times he saw her.

Hilton responded to some Lovatics, claiming he supports her work and was "nothing but nice" to her, despite their past disagreements.

He even shamelessly retweeted a news article about Lovato dedicating the song to him at her concert.

Hilton insisted Lovato is the bully in the situation in a video response.

"She just called me irrelevant and she gloated in front of her millions of followers about something she did that could have not made me feel good," Hilton said about the onstage takedown. He continued by saying that instead of letting it affect him, the song being dedicated to him made him feel "great."

But what was even more concerning was Hilton's choice to bring up Lovato's mental health and past addictions for no reason at all. "In all seriousness, Demi Lovato has a lot of issues," he said.

perez hilton
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"From her bipolar issue, to her addiction issue, substance abuse, food issues, to her place in Hollywood... " he listed off. 

There was literally no need to bring up her past, and the way he said it seemed like a nasty way to bring her down. Shaming people for their mental health is never OK, point blank.

He also insinuated that she's a not-so-great celebrity by saying she's no Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift.

Fans seem to be torn down the middle with who they're siding with.

Some agree with Hilton and think Lovato is actually the bully in this situation.

Others feel Hilton is (and always was) to blame for their feud.

Regardless, bullying (of any kind) should not be tolerated.

Hopefully, these two can settle their beef and go their separate ways.

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