Since publicly announcing her struggles with an eating disorder and mental health issues, Demi Lovato has become a body-positivity "champion."  

So, as a spokeswoman for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) and an ED survivor herself, fans were a little shocked when she posted this photo promoting "detox tea" with a perplexing message.

Her caption read:

"This year is all about #selflove truly taking care of myself and exercising has changed everything for me. @teamiblends has #sponsored my 30 day detox challenge to help get rid of toxins and my bloating for summer. I’m on Day 7 right now and it’s so easy! I just drink their tea every single day in my favorite purple tumbler. I love taking it to shoots and the studio with me. If you are ready to be your best YOU this summer, use my Code: DEMI for 20% off your detox program when you check out! I want all of you to do the challenge with me!"

It's important to note that "detox teas" are fairly unhealthy and typically touted as weight-loss solutions.

While Lovato didn't outright promote it for weight loss, it is a socially known fact that these "detox teas" can be triggering for people with eating disorders, as they often misuse them as laxatives and purgers.

Plus, "detox teas" are just generally disputed in the health community as they can cause a myriad of problems, from unwanted side effects to interrupted sleep. 

People swarmed her comments to scold Lovato for irresponsible promotion.

photo: Instagram/ddlovato

They called her out for being triggering to those who specifically follow her due to her struggles with bulimia.

photo: Instagram/ddlovato

And some just expressed their general disappointment.

photo: Instagram/ddlovato

What was most offensive though was the fact that she did it under the guise of "self-love."

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change you body, but using predatory products whose effectiveness is still under medical scrutiny and can be extremely harmful for people with eating disorders is irresponsible.

NEDA has yet to comment.