Demi Lovato nudes
photo: Getty Images

Hackers live to make the lives of celebrities harder, especially female celebrities. That was proven last week when actress Demi Lovato's Snapchat was hacked and her private nudes were leaked on her profile. The devastating occurrence is just one of many obstacles the singer has faced this year, and has fans wondering when she'll finally catch a break. 

See how everything went down ahead, and how fans stepped up to come to her defense. 

In an awful turn of events, Demi Lovato's nudes were leaked late last week. 

On Thursday, her Snapchat account was hacked, revealing a slew of nude photos presumed to be of the star. The post, which stayed up less than a half an hour, was followed by the hacker claiming to have access to a sex tape of the singer, promising it to those who signed up.

The discovery came after fans noticed a message on Lovato's SnapStory reading, “Join this discord server for my nudes.”

Fans immediately rushed to her defense, tweeting the server to have the photos taken down. "Demi’s Snapchat got hacked. @Discordapp, please remove this server as they are from a hacker tricking people into joining their server for Demi Lovato’s nudes. #DemiLovato," one wrote.

The company responded in statement. “We have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activity on our platform and take immediate action when we become aware of it,” Discord said in a statement Friday. “We moved quickly yesterday to disable the link and stop access to the server as soon as we became aware of it.”

While Lovato hasn't spoken out herself, her fans have continued. 

"I can’t believe there are really people who are spreading her nudes. To the people who are doing this, y’all are truly heartless. Demi has been through so much s***, and now more s*** is being piled on. She doesn’t deserve this. Let her get better," an adoring fan wrote.

The past two years have been tumultuous for Lovato, to say the least.

"Demi Lovato nearly died a year ago, lost one of her close friends only a few days ago due to addiction struggles, and now someone feels the need to hack her Snapchat and leak pictures. The world makes me feel physically sick," someone tweeted about the obstacles Lovato has recently faced. 

Think what you want about Lovato, nobody deserves something like this. 

As women, our privacy is too often involuntarily invaded. Without Lovato's consent, the content should have never been revealed. We're sending love and light to the singer during this challenging time.