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Monday's (September 26) first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is set to break records, with a projected audience of more than 100 million people. But before Trump was all over our news stations as a presidential candidate, he was invading our screens with a long line of oft-forgotten TV and movie cameos. He's racked up 20 actor credits on IMDb, and some of them are pretty surprising.

Below, we've compiled 13 of the TV shows and movies that Trump's big, orange head made an appearance, ranked according to how badly he ruined them.


"The Associate" (1996)

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Please note: Trump and Tim Daly's dismayed expressions, as seen above, are over the fact a black woman (Whoopi Goldberg) was seated at a high-end restaurant before Trump.

Considering this film is about Goldberg's character learning that "prejudices are hard to break" and that "in order for people to take her seriously, she has to work for an older white man or be one," it actually makes sense Trump would make an appearance. Because his presence is in keeping with the topical themes of sexism and racism, we'll count it the least ruined.


"Celebrity" (1998)

Trump, sporting a weirdly full head of hair, didn't ruin this Woody Allen film. Woody Allen did



If you want a comprehensive history of Trump's history with World Wrestling Entertainment, look to Rolling Stone. For our part, we'll just tell you Trump made several on-air appearances during matches, including for the above "Battle of the Billionaires," and that it was all stupid and ruined even before his involvement. So, as with "Celebrity," it's not *really* his fault. 

(P.S. Because WWE is scripted and fake, this totally counts as a cameo.)


"Ghosts Can’t Do It" (1989)

Trump's acting actually won an award (a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor, that is) for his appearance in this movie, in which Bo Derek plays a woman who relies on her dead husband's ghost for business advice. 

In this clip, we see Derek addressing Trump and his bigwig associates with some pretty sexist rhetoric: "Well gentlemen, I hope I was clear and not too vacant-headed. Because, from the look of this room, it isn't women's work we're doing here today." Awesome.

Rampant sexism aside, however, for something to be truly ruined, people would've had to actually care about it. And basically no one saw this film, so its impact was relatively minimal.


"Two Weeks Notice" (2002)

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Yup, you're about to see a theme here — the only films/shows a Trump cameo didn't ruin were already ruined by something else.

Suffice it to say, this kinda sexist rom-com was neither Hugh Grant's nor Sandra Bullock's best work. Thus, the sight of Trump and Grant yukking it up couldn't have made the movie much worse than it already was. A silver lining!


"Zoolander" (2001)

What's laughable about this cameo is the idea that anyone — including in Derek Zoolander's universe — would seek Trump's opinion about fashion. Because we're hoping his inclusion was pointedly satiric, then, we'll consider the movie slightly less ruined. 


"The Nanny" (1996)

The fact that the star of this '90s sitcom, Fran Drescher, is now pro-Trump, coupled with his cameo on the show, doubly ruins "The Nanny" for us. It wasn't really on our to-watch queue anyway, but still — way to go, guys.


"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1998)

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Well, this sucks. In Season 3, Trump makes an uncredited appearance in the Halloween episode, "Good Will Haunting," as one of Aunt Beulah's party guests. And there go our plans for re-watching "Sabrina" this October.


"Sex and the City" (1999)

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In Season 2, Episode 8, "The Man, The Myth, The Viagra" — a title we'd like to think fitting — Samantha spots Trump making a business deal at a bar. We hear Carrie's voiceover muse, "Samantha, a Cosmopolitan, and Donald Trump. You just don't get more New York than that." 

Those of us beer-drinking, Clinton-supporting New York City residents would beg to differ. Thanks for the identity crisis, and for ruining "Sex and the City" for us, Trump.


"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1994)

photo: NBC

In this episode of "Fresh Prince," Trump pays a visit to the Banks family's estate with the intent of purchasing the home. Because, y'know, sometimes owning at least five homes isn't enough. 

Is it just us, or does the Banks estate's exterior look eerily like another big, white house Trump is after? As Ashley Banks says to Trump in this episode, "Thank you for ruining my life!" 


"The Little Rascals" (1994)

Nothing like re-watching a childhood favorite, only to be unexpectedly faced with Trump's face and realize he'd already worked his way into your subconscious before you could speak in full sentences. Yay!



"Home Alone 2: Lost In New York" (1992)

photo: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Alright, Trump — when you fuck with Kevin McCallister, that's when it gets personal. 

Kev was right up there alongside Santa Clause for Childhood Christmas Hero in our books — until Trump came along and ruined everything. We're willing to wager it was his unnecessary cameo in the "Home Alone" sequel that caused subsequent franchise attempts to spectacularly fail. Surely it was his big orange head that scared off Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, and director Chris Columbus from returning to the third film (and not the fact that John Hughes' writing worsened considerably). 



As part of his drive to be immortalized as the Ultimate Ruiner Of All Things, Trump actually took it upon himself to ruin pizza by filming this commercial for Pizza Hut in 1995. That's right — he's ruined PIZZA, the bastard!

It's not a TV show or movie, true, but the inexpressible pain we feel over losing our appetite for pizza makes this one top the list.