Emily Ratajkowski had some choice words for disgraced criminal monster Harvey Weinstein. Reacting to yesterday's news that his sexual assault and harassment victims had settled in civil court for $25 million — without Weinstein needing to allocute — Ratajkowski swung her biceps at him, and not with a punch, but with simple words.



Ratajkowski wrote "f*ck Harvey" on her arm and flexed it on the red carpet. She did that. She really did that. And she made sure that the red carpet photographers saw it, too, wearing a one-shoulder dress and flashing her arm for the cameras. YES, SHE DID.


Honestly, I've never considered stanning Ratajkowski, but stan I must.

Ratajkowski worked the carpet at the premiere of A24's Uncut Gems, where she spectacularly dissed Weinstein. Ratajkowski's husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, is a producer on the movie, and by showing off this message, she's saying that Weinstein is a disgrace to the industry, and humanity as a whole.


Ratajkowski slammed the civil settlement.

"Today Harvey Weinstein and his former studio made a $25 million deal with his victims," she wrote on Instagram. "Weinstein, accused of offenses ranging from sexual harassment to rape, won't have to admit wrongdoing or pay his own money."

Ratajkowski is right — under the terms of the deal, the settlement money won't come out of Weinstein's pocket: It will be paid by his production company's insurance firm, reports the New York Times. Weinstein doesn't need to publicly or privately admit wrongdoing. At least two of the 30 victims told the Times that they plan on challenging these terms in court.


This settlement is for Weinstein's civil cases, not criminal charges.

Still, Weinstein could see further consequences (we hope). This settlement, which Ratajkowski is righteously slamming, extends to his civil lawsuits. Weinstein is still facing sexual assault charges against two victims; the criminal trial will begin in New York City in January 2020.

Weinstein has denied all allegations and insists that any sexual activity was consensual.