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While Eminem is undoubtedly a talented artist, Rihanna fans are livid with the rapper nearly 10 years after he recorded a degrading diss to the singer regarding her abusive relationship with Chris Brown. 

A snippet of "Things Get Worse," a song with tons of disrespectful references toward famous women, was illegally released on Reddit and made the rounds on Twitter. In the verse, he says he would side with Chris Brown and "beat a [redacted] down, too."

The violent lyrics never made it into the song, and some Eminem fans think that he realized his mistake. However, Eminem's violent persona hasn't gone away since these problematic lyrics were created. 

Meanwhile, Rihanna hasn't commented. The wealthiest woman in music, it seems, has bigger fish to fry than worry about drama from her past. 

Eminem has a history of violence in his music. 

Just this year, Eminem was reportedly interviewed by the Secret Service for questionable comments he made about Ivanka Trump in a song. Eminem has been subjected to multiple lawsuits for violent lyrics in his songs against important women in his life, like his mother and his daughter's mother. 

Ten years ago Chris Brown infamously assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna. It was a horrible situation and not something to be taken lightly. And especially not something to be turned into someone else's music. 

Eminem's song with B.o.B., "Things Get Worse," is a diss track to many female celebrities, and the part dedicated to Rihanna didn't make the final cut. Now, nearly a decade later, it's been illegally released. 

Even though the lyrics were from a decade ago, they are still troubling.

Some of Eminem's most dedicated fans are standing up for him. Sure, times are different now and hopefully no one would ever let lyrics like this fly, but even when the song was released these words were not OK. One person pointed out on Twitter, "Everyone’s defending him by saying 'this leak is from 2011' as if misogyny and abuse were okay back then."

Eminem's unreleased verse goes like this: "Let me add my two cents // Of course, I'd side with Chris Brown // I'd beat a [redacted] down, too // If she gave my [redacted] an itch, now."

One Eminem fan reminded the haters that this was at a difficult time in the rapper's life. 

One person who stuck up for Eminem wrote, "The song was recorded in 200[9] and was never released for a reason. In 200[9], Eminem had severe drug issues, even ODed, and almost died. Since 200[9], Eminem and Rihanna have become close friends, have made four songs together, and even had a collaborative world tour. Calm down." 

It's true that Rihanna and Eminem collaborated after the lyrics would have been released. Thankfully, he didn't, and now we have jams like "Love the Way You Lie" and "Monster," but surely had he released this verse she wouldn't have given him the time of day. 

Eminem raps about violent subjects under his persona Slim Shady, but it doesn't excuse the hurtful and disrespectful lyrics. 

One person summed it up on Twitter, "About that Eminem situation. IDC if Slim Shady is an alter ego and it’s just a character. Eminem still talked about a real situation, real people." 

Sure, Slim Shady is a character that Eminem created, but he's still rapping about a real and horrific situation regarding domestic violence. And to say that he "sided" with Chris Brown and to then go on and work with Rihanna is also disturbing. 

This paints their collaborations in a totally new light. 

Rihanna and Eminem are friends, and the singer has said mostly positive things about the rapper despite his controversial songs. The two toured together and released hit songs. However, it's unclear how she feels now, knowing that he had such horrible things to say in the unreleased portion of the song. 

Rihanna has bigger problems to worry about now than decade-old drama, though. 

Likely, the businesswoman is hard at work on her Fenty line and celebrating the launch of her new photo autobiography. The lyrics, which were released and deleted off Reddit, are definitely concerning. Rihanna seems to be doing just fine post-Savage X Fenty fashion show and with the release of even more makeup products. Plus, she has her Navy to stick up for her on social media, which they are certainly doing.