Emma Watson
photo: Splash News

Though fans often like to link Emma Watson to former costars or other A-list celebrities, she is single and thriving. 

The activist and actor just coined a term that totally empowers single people. And boy do I feel seen. Watson calls herself "self-partnered," which is just a fancy way of saying she's an independent person who doesn't need a relationship to be happy.

The 29-year-old was British Vogue's cover star for its December issue, just ahead of her debut in Greta Gerwig's movie Little Women with Saoirse Ronan. 

Watson is one of the most famous people in the world, but in a candid interview for British Vogue, she revealed how relatable she actually is. 

"At 29, Watson is one of the most recognisable faces on the planet, with some 100 million devoted followers on social media," writes the magazine on its Instagram caption. Watson has used her fame and power for good in the most literal sense. The celebrity is an activist for multiple causes and is an empowered feminist. 

But even the star shared that she feels the pressures of being a woman turning 30. 

If someone, as accomplished as Watson, feels the pressure of marriage and children at 29, then something seriously needs to change. "So telling that movie star, BAFTA winner, UN ambassador, Brown and Oxbridge graduate Emma Watson says she felt pressure over not having a partner and a baby by 30," writes BBC reporter Louise Ridley. 

In Watson's interview with Paris Lees for British Vogue she shared that turning 30 brought with it a societal expectation that she should be settling down. But the boss feminist shut that notion down by saying she's "self-partnered."

Watson sparking that phrase just changed how every single person now identifies. 

I'm single and I was already thinking about how my family might approach the subject during the holidays. Now, instead of any awkward interactions, I'm proudly going to pronounce myself "self-partnered." 

Another person on Twitter is in the same boat, "All about being 'self partnered', I'm happy and single. Just because I'm nearing 30 does not mean I need to be married with kids. Thanks for coining this phrase, Emma Watson." 

Being single should be something to be proud of, independence is empowering. 

Another writer gave Watson a shout-out for the phrase. "I personally love that Emma Watson calls being single "self-partnered." We really need to overhaul the way we think about singledom and especially how our culture views single women," Rachel Thompson from Mashable tweeted.

Sure, you can be thrilled for your cousin who just got engaged and is showing off the ring at Christmas, but you can also be just as happy for your sister who is living her dream solo in New York City. 

Watson and fellow activist Paris Lees talked about everything from Watson's Harry Potter persona to fame and loneliness to her weirdest dating moment. 

Watson and Lees related to one another, though their experiences differ greatly, with feelings of inclusion, loneliness, and anxiety in public spaces. Plus, the former Harry Potter star revealed that she feels guilt for not enjoying the famous lifestyle she was thrust into more. And of course, Watson also talked about her life in the dating world and being happily single.